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11 Helpful Tips for Choosing Reliable Packers and Movers

11 Helpful Tips for Choosing Reliable Packers and Movers

Moving your goods to the new house is easy with the help of trusted packers and movers. These movers have great domain experience. This enables them to shift your goods from one place to another. However, it is not easy to avail the service of the best movers and packers.

Whether you need to move within the city or to a new city, the movers can be a great help to you. Many people want to contact the best movers and packers for their mover. However, not all are able to find trustworthy movers. So, the best thing would be to use the best tips to contact the certified movers. These tips are extremely useful for you in finding the top movers.

Here are the best tips to pick the right packers and movers for you:-

1.     Research Seriously

Contacting the best movers and packers is easy if you devote more time to find them. Researching about them carefully will help you find the leading movers of the town. You can search for these movers on Google. After searching for some movers, proceed to go through their reviews. Also, know what type of services they are offering to you. You can know a lot of things about a particular company after going through their reviews. Besides, you can also talk to your friends and get information from them about the best movers. Plus, you can also get recommendations about the leading movers by using social media groups.

2.     Ask Questions

Once you visit their office, you should ask more and more questions from them. The best thing would be to make a proper list of the questions you have to ask them. Once you have the list ready, clarify all your doubts one by one. Ask the movers how they will transport your articles to your destination. Also, check about their shifting process and the packing suppliers they will use to pack your articles.

3.     Check their Credentials

Hiring certified and reliable packers and movers is easy if you check the credentials of your movers carefully. You can ask for their registration documents. Also, check whether they are authorized to operate in the market or not. Proceed to book these movers once you are satisfied with their credentials.

4.     Check their Staff Strength and Availability of Vehicles

Another tip to opt for reliable movers is to check the strength of their employees. Ask about their moving staff. Some movers have few moving employees. Due to their shortage of moving staff, they fail to offer the desired services. So, getting information about their staff is crucial. If they have sufficient staff, only then they will be able to offer the best services from their side.

Also, make sure to get knowledge of their moving vehicles. Check whether they possess all sizes of vehicles in their company or not. This matters the most to you. The reason is that different customers have different volumes of goods. So, a moving company must have varied sizes of moving trucks with it.

5.     Don’t Fall for the Cheap Prices

Many packers and movers in Pune offer cheap packing and moving services from their side.  This is a clear indication that this is not the right moving company. A renowned moving agency always estimates its prices after keeping in mind a lot of factors. Many people fall for these movers and get duped by them. These movers are frauds. They have a single aim of extracting more and more money from them.

So, you should never fall for cheap moving services. Always go for the movers who estimate their moving prices based on important factors. This will help you in choosing the trusted movers for your move.

6.     Ask for Insurance

Nowadays, most movers offer you insurance services from their side. If your mover is not ready to provide you with the insurance, then do not contact that mover. This is a clear indication that the mover you are going to choose is not good.

7.     Ask for the Pre-Move Survey

One of the best tips to choose a reliable mover is to ask for a pre-move survey from them. If your selected mover doesn’t provide you the pre-move survey, then something is wrong. These movers are not worthy of being chosen for moving services.

8.     Visit your Movers’ office personally

It is always best to visit the office of your chosen mover. This will help you know about the standing of your chosen company in the market. Also, you will get to know about the mover’s office infrastructure when you visit their office. Make sure to ask important questions about their staff and their way of functioning.

9.     Go through the Reviews

Checking the reviews of the movers is the best way to choose the verified movers. You can search for the reviews of the moving companies on the internet. You can find many reviews about the mover you are looking for. Some are positive reviews and some are negative ones. You have to go through both types of reviews. However, read the negative reviews carefully. Most of these reviews are genuine and tell so much about a particular company.

10.   Ask about their Customer Support

Another best tip to choose a trusted moving company is to know how it handles the complaints of the customers. A professional company has a dedicated call center to resolve the issues of the customers. They listen to the customers’ complaints and deal with their issues perfectly. These movers provide them some time to address their concerns. Some packers and movers do not resolve the complaints of the customers professionally. This increases the stress of the customers and they regret choosing these companies. So, it is best to enquire about the customer support services of a moving company.

11.  Check their Background

Most movers tell you to check their reviews on the internet. However, all their reviews are not reliable. So, the best thing is to get the contact number of their customers who have availed their services. Speaking with their previous customers will let you know the working and the standing of your chosen packers and movers.


It’s not tough to opt for professional packers and movers. You can use the above-mentioned tips to choose the best mover as per your moving needs.

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