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15 Up Coming Trends about Boxes Wholesale

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Are you looking forward to knowing the most followed trends of custom boxes yet to be famous? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We list 15 upcoming trends in your favorite custom wholesale boxes.


Being simple is never out of fashion. However, the minimalism trend reached its is after Apple products’ popularity. Since then, companies have started adapting to the concept of simplicity.

Pastel colors:

Welcome to the softer side of packaging! A lot of custom boxes wholesale are seen in pastel and elegant colors. It seems like people have started approving of the feminine tastes in packaging.


Doodles aren’t just for the backside of your notebook anymore! Doodling reflects people’s carefree nature, which is exactly why custom-printed boxes wholesale have doodles over them! We love to see you smile.

Movie Craze:

A good marketing technique indeed! Movie poster packaging is the best news for fans and celebrities. Custom boxes with movie posters are relatively new in the market, judging from the response. However, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Big words:

It doesn’t matter whether you are wearing your eyeglasses or not. You can easily read the jumbo-sized words written on wholesale custom-printed boxes. In addition, the contrasting colors make the overall view more appealing to look at.


If big words aren’t your thing, then catchy shapes and materials can give us your thumbs up! Unfortunately, custom boxes have so many shapes that it is hard to choose the best one. Nevertheless, the trend of standout shapes has caught up in its charm.


When imagination links with reality, the outcome is always mesmerizing. In this case, you will come across many custom wholesale boxes that can take you into the world of imagination. Such packaging never gets old because it signifies the freedom to dream and express.


Holographic effect can easily change the look of a plastic or paper through its foil stamping and multiple colors. This packaging can take your wholesale boxes and bags to another level of brilliance.

Vibrant Gradients:

It is always great to know that the vibrant gradients are back with their flat designs and bold color background. Packaging which corresponds to this has a certain depth and meaning in its appearance.

Streamlined Packaging:

No one likes to get tangled in the layers of material while unboxing. Therefore, the streamlined packaging trend will most likely stay with you forever. It makes things easier for customers and benefits the designers and manufacturers.


A heavy package spoils the mood of many! Custom printed boxes use precise measurements and materials to keep everything on point and everyone satisfied.

The Fragment of Past:

Anything which can take you back in time is worth your penny! Traditionalism can occasionally win the game of perfection among the modern technologies and methods. For example, custom boxes wholesale with a traditional outlook can refresh memories.

Environmental Friendly Packaging:

With the increased environmental issues, we must alter our lifestyle and switch to environmentally friendly packaging materials. Many companies already manufacture their wholesale packaging through cardboard and corrugated cartons.


Products are being transferred worldwide, which calls for packaging that ensures maximum protection. Therefore, the durable packaging wholesale boxes with bubble wraps will surely tag along with you for longer.


Cartoons unleash the bubbly side of people irrespective of age. There was a time when you were crazy about cartoons! Wholesale boxes with cartoons and sketches are also trending in today’s world. You will also see a short illustration of a conversation between two cartoons to promote the product.

Final words:

In summary, knowing trends regarding custom wholesale boxes can give you a better picture of what people generally love to see in the packaging. Refine your old ways and adapt the trending ones to make a solid impact!

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