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5 Ways to Test the Strength of your Packaging – Wallet boxes

Wallet boxes

The packaging of your wallet boxes is as important as the wallet itself. It protects your product from damage and makes transporting, storing, and increasing sales easier. The packs should also be attractive, encouraging customers to buy your product.

Regarding packaging, your product’s quality is only as strong as its weakest link. That’s why it’s important to test the strength of your packing before you ship it out.

Wallet Boxes need to be sturdy, and there are ways to test

In this article, we will take a glance at five ways that you can use to test your packaging strength.

Drop Test

One of a product’s most essential elements is the packaging. It holds the product together and makes it easy to open, use and discard. The strength of your packing plays a key role in how well your product does on the market.

You can gauge your packaging’s strength by dropping it from various heights

The likelihood that a package will break increases with weight. This is because the force required to break a lightweight package is less than that required to break a heavier package. Also, this is because lighter objects have less inertia than heavier objects. So if you drop a hefty object, it will take longer to stop than if you drop a light object.

So if you want to test whether or not your wallet boxes wholesale are strong enough to withstand the weight of their contents, drop them from different heights. If the box breaks at one height but doesn’t at another, your product isn’t strong enough to hold its contents in place throughout its journey to your customer’s hands.

Bending Test

The bending test is one of the most effective methods to determine the strength of custom wallet boxes. In addition, you can utilize it to verify whether a package can withstand external forces, such as force applied by hand.

Test the strength of your package by bending it. Bend a package in half, then fold it back on itself. If you can hold the pack together with one hand and still feel resistance when you bend it, it’s probably strong enough to withstand impact or bending.

Again bend a package in half, then unfold it without breaking its shape. If you can do this without breaking the box’s shape, it’s probably strong enough to withstand.

Squeeze Test for Wallet Boxes

Packaging is one of the most crucial phases in the supply chain. But, unfortunately, it’s also one of the most neglected.

Many businesses are unaware of how important it is to evaluate their wallet gift boxes before sending them to clients. They might think they’ve got a pretty good product, but they don’t know if it will survive the journey to their customer without getting damaged.

Therefore, you can test the strength of your packaging by the Squeeze Test. Here is the process of this test:
1. Squeeze the product between your fingers and thumb as much as possible, then release it. The more pressure you can put on a product before it breaks, the stronger it will be.
2. Repeat this procedure with different parts of the item until you feel confident that the product holds up well in all areas.
3. Now, compare the pressure required to squeeze each part of your product with what you could squeeze with your fist if you were trying to crush it with all your might. If there’s a big difference, then it’s likely that one area of your packaging is weaker than another. And it should be reinforced or replaced with stronger material altogether.

Mullen Burst Test

The Mullen Burst test is essential for testing the strength of your packaging material or wholesale wallet boxes. Using it, you can determine whether or not your package is strong enough to hold up to the load it will carry. You will need a water source and a pail when performing this test. The source of water should be large enough to fit into the bottom of the pail and should be able to hold at least 10 gallons of water.

You will also need an empty container with a lid that fits securely on top of the pail. Finally, you will require a thermometer and an ice pack.

Pressure Test – Wallet boxes

You can also gauge the strength of your packaging by the Pressure Test. The pressure test of your packaging determines how much pressure it can withstand. This is done by ensuring all the seams are properly sealed and then measuring how much force is required to open them.

In case you don’t know how to perform this test. Here are the steps:

1. Take a small piece of the packing and put it in a water bowl. The package will float because it is less dense than water.

2. Put the same piece in another bowl filled with water, but this time add some detergent. This will help to dissolve any glue on the surface of the package, which will cause it to sink so that you can see through it.

3. If your packaging does not float, there may be an air pocket or too much glue to let you see through it easily.

4. If the package floats and looks clear, it is probably okay for shipping purposes. But if there are bubbles in it or other defects, you should not use that packaging for shipping purposes.

Final Words

Ensure the material used for packing is strong enough to withstand the weight of your goods and shipping. In this article, we have included five ways to test the strength of your wallet boxes. Make sure you test these methods, so everything is perfect when you send products to the customer.

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