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5 Ways to Use Product Packaging Boxes to Increase Customer Loyalty and Revenue

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The basic purpose of every business is to make money. What one should do to keep earning more revenue is the question that comes to everyone’s mind who’s engaged in any kind of business. Well, the secret to earning more income includes many factors e.g. quality, time, and price, but mostly, its feedback and goodwill. Customer loyalty is crucial in any business because if your customers are satisfied, they’ll come to you again and again moreover tell and bring their friends, colleagues, or friends too. And if your customers are satisfied with you, you can earn more money, so it’s time to be a little smart. So let’s see how we can attract customers and win their loyalty to earn more revenue.

Factors with new customers are that they may visit our store but not shop anything, so we can’t say for sure that the person coming in is hundred percent buying something. So, to keep old or any customers attached and attracted to you in a manner that whenever they’re thinking of buying something that you sell, you have to come first in their mind. How that’s going to happen is the trick that we’re about to tell you.

What do you sell, what kind of product packaging you do use, and what you include in the product packaging are the points you should keep an eye on. To earn customers’ loyalty and revenue, you’ll have to add some things with your custom packaging. And the easiest and cheapest way is to just add inserts.

Let’s have an eye on why inserts are important in product packaging.

These can build relationships that can help increase your sales and earn more profit. These are cost-effective, simple, cheap, and valuable methods. You can advertise more. These will earn customers’ loyalty to you. You may have some free stocks you give away, and gifts can be of double advantage for you, one eliminating merchandise and secondly winning the loyalty of customers. Your product packaging will tell them about the standard of the company. They are also representing your brand, and wherever it’ll reach you, it’s going to advertise your business more and more, attracting more customers.

So, 5 ways to use Product packaging boxes to increase customer loyalty and revenue are these given below:

  1. Samples:  When you buy from your vendors, you may get many free samples because you get things on a large scale, so those samples are your bonus. Now, they can be used as the most important tool to earn money only from your custom packaging, and the idea is to use these free samples with your packaging. Everyone loves free items. Plus, you can introduce new items to your customers by this method, so if they like them, they’ll definitely buy those next time.
  2. Discount: Everybody loves discounts. It’s a great and most famous method to attract and win customers and their loyalty. You can give any types of discounts, like some discount on different items, or on buying in next few days or even for next shopping. You can email them too, but normally, most people don’t open their email ids to read these discount offers, considering them spam emails. While in custom packaging, you can include these coupons and inserts, thus attracting more customers. We GoCustomBoxes offer custom packaging of every kind in the U.K., and you can ask us about inserts too. We (company name) are ways ready and happy to satisfy our customers.
  3. Thank you: You can value your customers in many ways, and one is to be thankful to them for shopping from you. They’ll love it and come again. This is the simplest way and of course, much uncomplicated.  You can add inserts or cards in custom packing boxes with products in any form, printed or handwritten, and it’ll be a very thoughtful gesture to earn the loyalty of your customers. Whenever someone says ‘thank you, most likely, they hear ‘welcome’.
  4. Social Media Reviews: Social media can boost or even flop an idea, business, campaign, and person because it can bring storm and revolutionize everything in just minutes. People love to share their opinions, and if you’ll ask them to review your products, they’re going to do it with love. Just add an insert or card in your custom product box shipment asking for reviews or even comments or suggestions. It’ll boost your business and acknowledge them that they’re important for our business.
  5. Gifts: people pay for items they buy, and if they get anything for free as a gift, they’re most likely to fall in love with you. Your gift doesn’t have to be very expensive. You can just gift them many little items or even some of your inexpensive products too. Not only they’ll advertise your business, but also leave an impact of delightfulness. It’ll be extremely pleasant, because it’s unexpected, and they’ll feel more valuable and respected too, thus becoming loyal to you.

So don’t forget these five ways to use product packaging boxes to increase customer loyalty and revenue.

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