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7 Best Ways You Can Create Amazing Favor Boxes

Favor Boxes

These days, everybody wants to present the best favors when they go for any occasion. However, for occasions like birthday parties, baby showers, Charity events, wedding parties a well as corporate events, favors boxes are highly appreciated. People like the idea of receiving favors on special occasions. However, when you use these boxes to deliver gift items, they will definitely make more sense. You can use the custom favor boxes to deliver gift items such as biscuits, candies, chocolates, and food items like snacks, cupcakes and others. Favor boxes can be used to put a smile on someone’s face. However, when gifts are presented to people in these boxes, they tend to show more appreciation, compared to when the same items would have been delivered without the boxes. There are ways you can customize your boxes to be more unique and useful. Here are some few steps.

1. Get a Template Design For Favor Boxes

It might not be that simple to determine the type of design or style you want for your favor boxes. Although, you might have some idea, but it might be difficult to spell it out the way you want it. However, you can ask for a template design to put down the idea of boxes that you want the specialist to print for you. Although you might still go ahead and show the printing specialist what you want, but it is quite simple to make your intentions known with template designs.

2. Choose the Quality Material For Favor Boxes

Packaging boxes that are sturdy are more desirous. This is because they can help you to protect your products from any form of damages that would have resulted during transportation or while on transit. There are high quality materials you can choose for your favor boxes. These materials are available in different degree of thickness and style. For instance, you can go for the cardboard stock or corrugated cardboards. You can choose either of these materials to package your gift items. Thickness of material range from 280 GSM to 550 GSM. You can choose the right thickness you want for your gifts, to deliver the best favor boxes for your gift items.

However, cardboard stocks are highly recyclable and Eco-friendly. They are not compose of any chemical that can cause any harm. They are also biodegradable, so people do not get afraid of accumulating more refuse in their surrounding.

3. Choose the Color

Color is one very vital aspect of any packaging box. In fact, it is very important because it is what will also determine if your packaging boxes will be attractive or not. You can choose high quality color technique such as the CMYK and PMS color technique. However, these are modern color techniques that professionals occasionally use to deliver attractive packaging boxes. You can either use a single color or combine more than one color to make them more attractive. Of course, your favor boxes need to posses high quality colors in order for it to look attractive.

4. Choose Size of Favor Boxes

When you are making plans to customize your own packaging boxes, you need to choose a specific box size that will completely secure your gift items. However, you can go for the big or small sizes, depending on the gift items you want. If you make use of cardboard material, then it would be very easy to cut your boxes to any size. However, if you are presenting a large sized gift, then you can customize a bigger sized favor box.

5. Printing Technique

There are two main modern types of printing techniques, which can be used to enhance the appearance of your boxes. These two techniques are digital and offset printing. However, you can choose any printing technique that suits you, to enhance the quality of your favor boxes.

6.  Choose Finishing Style

There are different types of finishing styles you can use to enhance the appearance and durability of your boxes. Examples of such are spot UV, glossy, raised ink, embossing, matte, and de-bossing. You can choose any finishing style you want for enhancing your favor box packages.

7. Select a Unique Design

There are different types of designs you can choose for your favor boxes. You can insert windows on your boxes, or you can simply add your name or any attractive image on your favor boxes. 

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