Home Printing 7 Important Factors You Need To Know About Custom Printed Boxes

7 Important Factors You Need To Know About Custom Printed Boxes

7 Important Factors You Need To Know About Custom Printed Boxes

Quality boxes that appeal good and eye catching to eyes is essential in order to stand out in this competition. Overlooking box printing is same like missing the sales possibilities in business. With good looking and innovative packaging with unique shapes and styles with endless customization options you can easily reflect your brand message.

Why you need Box Printing?

Boxes are considered the green roots of any production business; the purpose of them is to transport your products from warehouse to customer. During the whole process, maintaining out of the ordinary quality, handling safety risks and environment affects all these are matter of great concern for manufacturers. All and sundry knows the fifth “P” packaging is the only solutions for this. Heavy duty printed boxes that are quite essentials for your business, without having appealing and endless featured boxes you can’t stand in top list among competitors. Great looking and attractive custom printed boxes that satisfies the customer desires and complete all journeys from producer to customer was a herculean task but with the help of well-equipped machineries and packaging engineers you are now able to get rid of such hot potato. In order to stand out in this competition marketers are moving towards printing of boxes. Box printing contains material used in printing, ink quality, digital vs. die-cut printing and other ways.

Purpose of Box Printing for Your Products

Main purpose of boxes is to store your products, before planning you printing process you required to know the estimated life of the product for which you are going to sell, this would help in deciding the material you required. Especially when you are going to transport that require long journey then boxes should strong enough to complete journey. Boxes actually reflect your brand communicate with customer directly, these make brand messaging easier and enhances the buying behavior of the customer. Attractive, appealing and eye catching grab the attention of the customer and always clicks in the mind of customer. With the help of box printing you can clear the confusion in customer mind.

Process of Packaging

Process of packaging starts from ideation to printing that includes; idea making, designing, selection of suitable material and finally production. In order to say unexpectedly Wow to your customer or doubling your product image, out of the ordinary care id required in printing process. Few printing techniques are following:


•Screen Printing

•Litho Lamination

•Printing on paper stocks

Flexography for Low resolution Solutions

Printing on boxes mainly depends upon the product specification flexography is not recommended for corrugated material boxes. In flexography rubber stamps are used for printing of boxes, the rubber stamps used water-ink, few materials love to absorb sufficient amount of water like corrugated material that’s why packaging engineers not recommended for corrugated material and high resolution printing. There are brown colored layers with at least with zigzag in between, pressed inside two plane sheets. Due to lawyers it absorbed much amount of ink, you can print plain text or two color printing on corrugated boxes by using this technique. Flexography requires fast drying in order to speed up the process.

Screen Printing for your Boxes

In screen printing screen is used rather than rubber stamp, in this technique this is quite possible to print high resolution image on corrugated boxes. Screen with stencils, full of colors are forced on corrugated sheet, this process took place before cutting of boxes. Screen is made up of porous that spreads color equally on the sheet. If you are retailer then it must be your top priority.

Something about Lithe Printing

In litho printing a paper sheet with full colors, brighten and high resolution can easily be produced. A printed paper through an offset printer is used to print a paper that later on glued on a cardboard. After glued this is used for boxes production. This box printing technique is used for high resolution imagery and clear furnished views. This is recommended by packaging experts for those who require shiny, plane and smooth surface material for products.

Customization and Personalization

In customization you need to focus on customers’ needs, full featured with endless customization options packaging always become a point of attraction among customers. You can place logo, bar code, price, website, face book address and etc. This actually communicates with the customer and delivers your production info, better the way you represent better the sales opportunities for you.

Whether you are selling retail products or cosmetics you need to focus on boxes printing especially, these actually let the people know about your brand. High quality printing on boxes not only enhances the sales opportunities but also help in advertising you product. Quality printing doubles the product impact in front of customer as first impression is the last impression.

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