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13 Cheap Halloween Party Decorations Ideas


Halloween is that time of the year when everyone dresses like a witch and goes door to door to collect money or candies. Usually celebrated in European countries on the thirty-first of October every year. Halloween and its preparation are fun to do. It takes some creative ideas to make this event more colorful, thrilling, and exciting. The theme of this event is usually about ghosts and spirits. There are infinite ideas that are cheap but make your party more exciting. Set a theme for your party out of ghosts, spirits, witches, skeletons, or witches. Scary face painting adds colors to your party, and your cheap but exciting Halloween decoration takes the rest of the responsibility for making your party more thrilling and sensational.

Theme Face Painting:

One of the most exciting things about a Halloween party is the scary face painting that converts a regular face into a witch, joker, or ghost, depending upon the party theme. It is a very cheap idea to set up a painting stall and let every party member get their faces painted.

Flying Bats:

You can place the paper-made flying bats with your ceiling fans or hang them on the lights or doorbells. Your innovative ideas can increase your party’s fun and make it more appealing. Every person walking past the door would want to come in and join your party because of your adorable and attractive party idea.

Scary Bottle Labels and Decals:

It’s a fact that drinks are an essential part of every party. Now that you have purchased the wine bottles but they do not go with your party theme, you can make the labels by yourself by designing them depending upon your themes. You can create the wine labels on white paper, draw black spirits on them, and replace them with the already placed labels of your wine bottles. You can also design the wine decals in the same way and make them according to your party theme.

Blood Injections:

A very different and scary way of presenting the snacks at your Halloween party is to use the injection and fill them with the red sauce that could be sweet or sour, as per your party theme, and remove the syringes so that You can use them with the snacks as the topping. This trick will fool people as if the red sauce is the blood, but little do they know that these injections are filled with the sauce that will cheer up their taste buds. This cheap yet very innovative idea can boost up your party.

Skeleton Doorbell:

Another way to increase the fun of your private Halloween party is to welcome people in a way that represents that something terrifying is waiting for them inside the closed door. Replace your old and boring doorbell with a themed doorbell that could be a skeleton head or a ghost mouth. This is the first gesture that tells the people how excited you are about your themed party. This is a very cheap idea, and you can easily apply it by using some stationary products like white paper, black pencils, and a few multi-color marker pens. This minor change in your house represents the affiliation you have for your party. 

Eye Ball-Shaped Ice for Drinks:

Along with the drink, another essential part of completing the party is the ice, but how is it possible that any single thing goes out of the described theme? When it comes to making your event most alluring and fascinating, one could go to any extent. You can freeze the water into ice shapes cubes and place a small eye ball-shaped candy in the cube’s center to make it look like an objective eye. This will let the drinkers wonder if they are drinking the ghost-labeled wine with a ghost-eye ice ball.

Teeth Shaped Cookies:

Make something new out of everything. You can make the best designs of the already made biscuits by separating the white cream of the biscuits and redesigning them in the shape of teeth with a half-opened mouth style that will make the eaters think that these are the mouths of the witches. This unique trick will only take a few dollars and a little bit of hard work.

Hanging Ghosts:

You can make very visible, scary, and exciting Halloween garlands in the shape of ghosts, spirits, or bats and make them hung on the wall or ceilings to give an illusion of flying ghosts all over your party area that would make people scared and excited at the same time. This little but handy trick is one of the cheapest ideas that you can utilize for your most awaited Halloween party.

Scary Cupcakes:

You can design your very own Halloween cupcakes with the help of different yet very unique and exciting cupcake topping ideas. All you need is simple cupcakes and the fillet cream you will use at the top of your cupcakes and make them look scary.

The Mummy Themed Table Lamps:

Take the simple glass jars and cover them with white rope, a piece of cloth, or tissue paper to make them look white, and then draw the eyes at the outer layer of these jars and place a small candle inside that would light up the jar and make it looks terrifying as if a mummy is sitting on the table.

Scary Cake:

You can decorate the cakes in much-diversified forms and make each cake look alluring to the other. Place the Halloween decals at the top of the cakes to make them precisely according to the theme. You can also make the best use of these cakes by creating a texture of the spider web as the topping. You can also make your cake very scary by pouring red sauce on the top of it that resembles blood and then placing a knife at the center of the cake.

Spirit Dressing:

Once you have decided on the theme, you must inform all of your friends to get dressed according to the music to make the party more relatable.

Witch Under Table:

You can design very scary witch decals with your own Eco-Friendly or Kraft paper or scrap paper and place them under the table, attach the rope for arms and feet and scare your guests just by telling them to look under the table. Halloween is the name of scaring your friends and having fun with fear.

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