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Custom candy boxes with Smart Packaging and Printing Solution

Custom candy boxes with Smart Packaging and Printing Solution

Let’s admit it! We all have a sweet tooth and would love to indulge in sweets and candies whenever given the opportunity. Candies are not just a hot favourite for the kids out there but are equally loved and enjoyed by the adults. Thus, the candy industry is of extreme popularity. There are, of course, a variety of candies and chocolates available. This is because every person has their own tastes, and thus, it is important to cater to their needs. Some sweets thus are very sweet, and others have more of a sour taste in them. Some also have crunch in them. The point is that candies are available in numerous tastes and styles to keep all the people with an eclectic pool of preferences happy.

However, the point of discussion today is not the candies themselves. Instead, we are going to discuss the candy boxes. Here are primarily made with cardboard and commonly acquire the shape of a cuboid. These boxes also have a window in them with plastic pasted on the top of them to see through. This makes the candies inside easily visible to the person from the outside, and hence the box becomes a pretty thing to flaunt about in front of others. The shape of the window differs according to the occasion and the person that the box is for.

For example, if the candies are given to a loved one, the ideal shape of the window would be a heart. If, on the other hand, the candy boxes are intended to be given to a child, shapes of superheroes are what are popularly used. If you want to instead give the candy boxes to someone you have a formal relationship with, then the shape of the window of these candy boxes can be something like a circle. Custom Candy Boxes themselves are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are boxes which are very large and carry a large number of chocolates. There are some boxes. However, they tend to be of a smaller size and hold a fewer number of chocolates. What is also important to mention is the fact some candy boxes have the same type of candies in them, while on the other hand, there are many chocolate boxes that tend to have a variety of candies in them.

candy boxes provide a big opportunity for effectively market

Moreover, what the companies of candies need to realize is that the candy boxes provide a big opportunity for them to effectively market and brand the product. Thus, it is important that the companies use this space to their maximum advantage. This can be achieved first by the correct placement of the logo on the candy boxes. The logo should be large and placed in an area where the logo achieves to garner the maximum amount of attention from the viewer. Mostly this happens in the center of the candy boxes. Also, the colour of the candy boxes should be one that makes the logo more obvious rather than repress it.

For example, if the colour of the logo is black, then the colour of the box cannot really be black. This will not make it easy for the logo to be ready and will make it impossible to stand out. That is why you must have noticed that most candy boxes with a black logo tend to have a box in a colour that contrasts it, like white. Also, the tagline should be in a font that complements the overall theme of the brand. If, for example, the brand of the candy boxes is one that is meant for exchange between a couple, the tagline on these boxes should be in a delicate font, and that talks about love. On the other hand, if the candy boxes are made while keeping kids in mind, the fonts of these candy boxes tend to be in a colourful font. Also, the colours of such candy boxes tend to be more vibrant and bold. This is while keeping the tastes and preferences of the children in mind. Children are known to be more responsive to things that are more colourful.

variety of occasions

Candy boxes are present for a variety of occasions. They are a hot commodity in and around the time of Valentine’s Day. They are often made up of cardboard boxes. They shared on this day are mostly of the colour red. These boxes are also exchanged equally popularly during the time of Christmas. Candy boxes exchanged around this time, however, tend to be present in the colour green, however.

To sum up, candy boxes are an item or packaging that packages a confectionary item. They are present in a wide variety of colours and shapes to be able to suffice the needs of an eclectic pool of audiences for a variety of occasions.

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