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Custom Lipstick Packaging is as Cool as the Lipstick Itself


According to a census, 95% of business startups in one year fail. Basically, failing is pretty normal. The major reason that feeds this practice is not paying attention to the basics. If you are selling a product and not a service, there are certain things you need to provide adequate attention to. One of these things that matters the most is your product’s packaging.

Overview Of Custom Lipstick Packaging

Your product’s packaging is the front-end of what you are trying to sell. The packaging is, in fact, what your customer will judge your product from. Imagine a customer roaming around in a supermarket with a trolley. This person certainly will not have enough time to go through all that you have got written on the packaging. The only way your packaging can affect your customer is by visually attracting them. Because of the lack of time, they do not prefer reading the details. They prefer just giving it a look and seeing if your product looks sleek enough from the outside, they will drop it in their trolley.

Eye-Catching and Elegant Style Of Lipstick Packaging

This theory works more if the product is something like lipstick. All the customers care about is how elegantly the lipstick is packed. 80% of the time, it is lipstick’s eye-catching packaging that convinces a customer to buy; no one really goes into the quality of the color. Hence, lipstick packaging holds significant importance.

Secondly, packaging lipsticks is also vital because lipstick packaging is not just packaging, it is an experience. Unlike other products, a lipstick’s complete image is dependent on its packaging. A color stick itself holds no value if seen apart from its packaging. It is the packaging that gives it a silky, glossy look and prompts customers to open it and check it out. Packaging in lipsticks defines how you want to portray your product and different product images attract different types of customers.

Custom Lipstick Boxes

The top-notch brands of lipsticks give extreme attention to their lipstick packaging. It is highly unlikely that any of their products come in packaging that is not classy and attractive. However, who decides what lipstick packaging should categorize as classy and what is not? Sharp, classy designs might attract some people but others might prefer simplicity. Not everyone can like one type of packaging.

This is where custom lipstick packaging comes into action. Due to the fact that not everyone will like or get attract to one type of design, there is an idea of custom packaging. Same lipstick products by the same company can be pack in packages which are design just like you want to.

When you get a product, especially a lipstick that is specifically pack in the packaging that you want, you will be personally attached to it. You will prefer that lipstick over all others and can never forget it anywhere because it will always be on your mind. A simple reason for that is the fact that it looks how you want it to look. You have your likeness attached to it.

Customer’s Attract to the Lipstick Packaging

If you are someone who makes lipsticks, providing customers with personalize lipstick packaging will emotionally attach them to the lipstick and indirectly to your brand. When they will get a lipstick that looks exactly how they want it to look, they will be proud to show it off and that will attract others to prefer you over other competitors you have in the market. All in all, customize lipstick packaging gives you a great edge over other brands.

Furthermore, if you provide a lipstick that is packed as your customer wants it to be packed you will basically reduce the chances of customers not liking the packaging to zero. Because the lipstick they are willing to buy will be packed according to their preferences, there is absolutely no chance that they do not like it. And if they like it, they are certainly coming back to you again.

Advantages Of Lipstick Box Packaging

On a similar note, there are limitless advantages that customized lipstick packaging would give you over companies and brands that have standard packaging for everyone. There is a very high chance, according to the aforementioned reasons, that people do not buy their products just because they do not like their packaging. And similarly, there is a very high probability that people buy your lipsticks just because they are being pack exactly how they want them to be.

Final Words

Putting it in a nutshell, customize lipstick packaging can prove to be that unique selling point you are looking for that will take you beyond your competitors, way beyond your competitors. It is easy to go with, seems like a nice gesture, and attracts a lot of customers.

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