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Custom Packaging Boxes Provider has Made Shipping Easier and Reliable


Different Boxes Designs suitable for Shipping

To best meet customer needs, investment is made in the production of almost all types of corrugated cardboard boxes. From the classic slot box to the truly unique floor design, it can confidently meet the needs of most customers. Check out products with shipping boxes.

  • Regular Slotted:

Corrugated paper shipping boxes with a long history, with four top folding plates in the center. These boxes are well stacked and can be conveniently placed on the shelves. They are very suitable for storage, archiving, and long-term storage warehouses.

  • Full Overlap:

This box has four overlapping flaps, which can reinforce and reinforce the top and bottom of the box. It is ideal for heavy or fragile objects (such as statues or glass bottles of drinks).

  • One-Piece Folder:

It is a great choice for protecting flat and narrow items. This box can be designed to have five panels that can be “wrapped” together to encapsulate your product. Mirrors and framed artwork are common applications for such boxes.

  • Die-Cut Boxes:

These boxes provide additional security, thanks to their slot and labeling system, which reduces the dependence on packing tape. There are a variety of styles for these packaging boxes, but they require the purchase of dies to create designs.

Custom Boxes USA with Double Wall

Double-walled boxes are more robust and resistant than single-walled boxes. Just like a single-walled box, a double-walled box is made of grooved paper, which is pressed between two backing papers. Both internal and external components can be made from a variety of materials, including recycled paper, kraft paper, or even test paper. For products with heavier walls or more protection, double-walled boxes are an excellent choice. They are also a good choice when products need to be securely stacked, stored in transit, or awaiting sale. Because they are more durable, they can better withstand long-term storage and stacking conditions. Double-walled boxes are commonly used in retail stores and manufacturing plants. Both single-walled and double-walled boxes provide greater insulation and prevent sudden swings or swings in temperature.

The Boxes have made Fragile for Heavy Items Shipping Easy

Transporting fragile items often feels like an adventurous activity. However, because the thick lugs of the full overlap slotted boxes can withstand excessive weight or pressure, they can prevent fragile products from being crushed during transportation. This additional protection minimizes the possibility of wasteful and costly product damage and can reduce the frequency of product returns. The style of the box is very suitable for antiques, mirrors, items with emotional value, and some types of food. Regardless of whether the overlapping flaps are on the top or side panels, the reinforced construction of the box avoids the problem of heavy objects falling out of its box prematurely.

Accessories are Added to Custom Boxes to Enhance Protection

Although some boxes do not require packing tape, the companies use some form of tape to ensure product safety during transport and shipping. Water-activated kraft paper tape cannot stick by itself, it must be activated with water. It is more expensive than acrylic tape because you need to use a special dispenser to use it. Acrylic tape is a general-purpose tape that can be used directly on rolls. Printing can be applied to both. Other accessories like handkerchiefs and anti-wrinkle fillers are an inexpensive way to not only protect your items but also enhance the look of the package.

Inserts are Incorporated for Additional Protection to the Boxes

If your product needs additional protection, they use an insert. The insert holds the front and center of the product when opening the box, thus improving stability and improving the appearance. Polyurethane, polyethylene, and polystyrene foam inserts are strong and durable, lightweight. These help to provide excellent cushioning properties for your products. These are more expensive than other types of inserts. Corrugated cardboard inserts are cheaper and can be customized for printing.

High-End, Well-Processed Durable Materials Usage

The packaging of any type of product is as good as its material. The box ensures that the highest quality and responsible raw materials processed with state-of-the-art equipment. This helps to provide some of the most durable and long-lasting products durability for any package of fragile products. There use various grades and types of cardboard, durable corrugated paper, and natural kraft paper materials. These are processed to the extreme and look elegant, making your products easy to put on store shelves and fit the printing design and the beautiful surface treatment effect.

Custom Boxes Wholesale Is Ultimately Cost-Effective

Cardboard boxes are usually one of the most affordable packaging options for boxes. The raw materials used to make the boxes are generally cheap, which results in a cheaper route than alternative materials. While personalization and printing options drive up prices, the results still tend to be affordable, especially for companies that choose to purchase their bulk packaging solutions. Additionally, the lightweight nature of the boxes allows the company to further reduce transportation costs. Thick boxes also don’t offer a lot of weight, allowing companies to ship larger quantities of products at lower prices.

Any company that ships products to customers know the importance of custom printed boxes packaging. The humble corrugated cardboard box is the first line of defense for products in transit. The thick wavy wall can cushion and protect the contents inside. There is a reason why most shipments use corrugated packaging. When almost all competitors are using kraft (brown) cardboard, you might want to consider using a shipping box to make your package stand out. However, well-designed and printed kraft paper boxes or colorful boxes can also help your products look their best. Choosing between kraft paper or colored box and white packaging is a challenge because each type has its advantages.

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