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Genius Gift Packing Hacks You Can Master In No Time

Gift boxes
Gift boxes

Gift packing is nothing less than an art that one needs to master. There are occasions and then there are festivals and if you know how to pack gifts professionally, you can save up on a lot of cash and instead spend it further on the gift itself. The packaging that you can do on your own is classier, better than what can be done in the shops. It is alright to save up some extra cash!

Learn to wrap gifts like a pro by learning the following hacks of gift packaging:

1. Extra Large Gift Boxes With Lids

They are challenging to wrap, but luckily enough, they are already in a box, so you have a fixed shape you need to work on. It is easy when the gifts come in a box. You can wrap it up in a large gift wrapping sheet. If you are more towards simple packaging, go for Kraft paper, wrap it up, and tie it around with a jute rope with a hanging label. Simple and beautiful!

Gift boxes in the wholesale UK are long or cylinder in shape; put the package or gift on a PVC wrapping sheet or a paper that is not easily torn. Roll the box in the form sideways and twist the top and bottom. We usually buy a stack of gifting labels and buy expensive ones online or from the stores. Instead of buying them, make them yourself by recycling the natural coloured Kraft boxes, take a label paper punch and cut them out, put holes in them and have labels for free for all the gifts!

2: The Wholesale UK Wrapping Gift Boxes 

You can do so if you have plain sheets that you want to utilize in gift wrapping large gift boxes. If they look plain, draw golden or silver polka dots on them, and use paints or markers. For a different approach to gift wrapping, try using burlap or geometrical printed fabric, make a no-sew gift sack with hot glue, put flat pack gift boxes in them, and tie them on the top. Gift boxes in the UK that are not in a decided shape or have a structure. Make recycled cardboard boxes at home in custom shapes according to their sizes, they are easy to make and you can find plenty of tutorials online.

3: Eco-Friendly Gift Boxes

You can get eco-friendly gift boxes wholesale from manufacturers within the UK, spend as much as you want on the gifts and get some boxes made. They make as little as 100 boxes and are at a meagre cost. personalized gift boxes are more appreciated than any other. You can wrap up a present or all of them in plain Kraft paper and then take glitter sticker sheets, cut out their names with punches or stencils, and stick their names on the gifts. You can turn square gift boxes into a gift bag, take two cardstock circles, put a hole in the right in the middle, and then stick them on the gift box where the holes for the handle of a gift bag should be a rope across them.

Gift boxes wholesale can make custom gift bags. No need to wrap the gifts. Put them in the bag. Measure the gift box, make a cardboard sleeve, cut a heart out of it and put it on the personalized gift boxes. Instead of wrapping, put a bunch of paper flowers on the gift box! Punch shapes with a paper punch and on plain gift packaging, stick the shapes across the gift box. Do nothing and wrap your gift in a white sheet, and stamp autumn leaves across the gift box if it is meant for Halloween. 

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