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How To Make Cosmetic Boxes?

Cosmetic Boxes

Cosmetic boxes are boxes used by women around the globe to store their cosmetic products, so they get protected from dust and breakage. Although, cosmetic products are susceptible products and therefore require some safety. Cosmetic boxes are therefore excellent. There were days when many people utilized shoe boxes or kitchen food storage containers as cosmetic boxes. I have observed some women still using it while others have chosen an organized cosmetic box.

To make a cosmetic box, follow the steps below;

Collect material Cosmetic Boxes

To establish anything of your choice, collect all the materials in one place so that it becomes easier to prepare. For a cosmetic box, the main ingredients one requires are thick cardboard, a cutter, and basic stationery such as a pencil, eraser, and a ruler for perfect measurements. In addition, she also keeps a printed wrapping sheet, a marker, and other accessories one intends to decorate her box with. Glue is also needed in the preparation of the cosmetic box.

Measure the Sample

Keep a sample of a cosmetic box or a product with you to make a perfect-shaped box. For example, if you have seen a cosmetic box in your friend’s wardrobe and need to have a similar one, observe it properly or ask her to give you its measurement.

Cut the cardboard

If you are preparing a box out of cardboard for the first time, ensure that you have a big piece of cardboard as there is an 80% chance of wasting a lot of it. To start with, firstly, cut the cardboard by marking the relevant measurements with the help of a pencil and ruler. An eraser can eliminate the mistakes made. Let’s take an example of a square-shaped small cosmetic box. As we all know, the square’s sides are equal; mark the size and cut separate sides out of the cardboard. Next, cut the base and top cover with a cutter after marking the proper measurements. Ensure that the cover of the box is an inch or less than an inch, i.e., more significant than the four sides. A cutter is crucial as the cardboard is adequately cut in whatever shape is marked.

Join them with the glue

Stick together all the four sides and the base properly. Keep it under the fan, so all the glue gets dry and sticks smoothly. Do not use too much glue. Continuing the above example, first join together the four sides by applying glue on the edge of the four sides. It might be wet even after you have stuck it. Hold it tightly and let it dry. After the sides, join the base again by applying the glue to the four corners. Again, let it dry so that it sticks smoothly.

(Note that you need not stick the cover of the box with the glue)

Cover with a wrapping sheet

Once the shape of the box has been prepared, apply a printed wrapping sheet to offer the box a funky look. To make it trendy, use any design of your choice. Ensure that the sheet is applied correctly to all the sides and base, i.e., to the entire outer area with the box cover. For the inner part of the cosmetic box, use a plain sheet so that the box attracts a variety of customers.

(Note that the brown cardboard color is not seen from any side, i.e., it is adequately wrapped)

Decorate the cover

Whenever we observe a product, we start it from the top, so it is crucial to have a top fully decorated. Here you can do anything of your choice. For example, add pearls on the top to make it look more appealing to your friends and family. It’s totally up to you, even if you want to keep it simple.

Add the product

The final step is to add the relevant cosmetic product to it for which you have prepared the box. If the size gets a little smaller, make the second one similarly. Not willing to make so much effort? Get a customized cosmetic box of your choice. Choose a design of the product from the catalog. The multi- cosmetic box can also be asked to be prepared. Everything is up to you.

Content Source: https://jamespackagingsolution.wordpress.com/2016/04/01/how-to-make-cosmetic-boxes/

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