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How to make rigid setup boxes wholesale?

rigid setup boxes wholesale

Expensive products also require some elegant packaging solutions, and the setup rigid boxes are one such option. These boxes usually have a wide base and short height with a hinged lid. However, there are several other designs for this packaging. These boxes are perfect for several products, including watches, mobiles, framed pictures, and other products. Making them perfect for any mentioned or desired items is easy. Here is how you can make this rigid setup packaging.

Choose size for rigid setup boxes

The foremost factor you need to consider about this custom rigid gift box type is choosing an appropriate size. There are ample sizes available in the open market that any packaging supplier can provide. However, there are high chances that those sizes would not fit your products. Boxes with loose sizes could damage expensive and fragile items during shipping or other processes. Therefore, going for the custom sizes for these boxes is vital. Take the measurements of your products and ask packaging manufacturers to craft the boxes according to the given measurements.

The rigid box with a lid in custom sizes according to the product dimensions would secure the shipping. On the other hand, optimized packaging also looks smarter and easily grabs the customer’s attention. Similarly, another benefit of choosing the custom size for these boxes is that you would be able to save handsome money. Reduced packaging size would ultimately consume less material, leading to a reduction in packaging costs. Every millimeter counts in the packaging regarding the price of luxury packaging. Also, consult with your packaging manufacturers regarding this factor.

Get a visual design layout of rigid setup boxes

Blank setup rigid box packaging won’t work in engaging customers and provoking them for sales. Therefore, it is vital to print them with some attention-grabbing elements and get more interaction for customers. This phenomenon can increase the sales of your brand. Therefore, get a graphical design to print over custom rigid box packaging. However, it would help if you cared about several factors while getting a design. Never try it yourself if you do not know the technical aspects like setting a fixed colour ratio and leaving margins on sides. There are several similar aspects to caring for a design like this.

Avail the services of a professional designing firm to use the elements that make it easier to attract the targeted customers. For example, include graphical images of the products’ ingredients and real product images. Similarly, get finicky while selecting the colours and fonts for the graphical or textual content included in the design. For example, always choose vibrant colours while selecting custom fonts for uniqueness from other brand items in retail stores. Also, you can set a custom theme for the design to gain marketing advantages. Similarly, adding a logo and one-liner slogan would also provide branding advantages.

Place soft and luxury cushioning

Never forget about adding some luxury to the rigid boxes while caring about other factors while planning for them. A way to add luxury to this packaging is using soft cushioning inside these boxes. You can place them inside these boxes for this purpose. The most popular type of these inserts is engaging for customers and adds value to the product packaging. On the other hand, this cushioning also guards the items against physical threats like compression during stacking or shipping. Restricted movement of the products and cushioning from all sides ensure the safe delivery of products to the customers.

Making these boxes this way is especially beneficial for brands with an online business model. Moulded pulp or cardboard inserts are also a great option for these boxes to add a luxury element. You can use these inserts for any desired design of the custom printed rigid boxes to gain the presentational and protection benefits. All of these mentioned inserts are lightweight and do not add significant weight to the products, which could raise the shipping costs. Customers would always prioritize the products packaged in such secure and luxury boxes.

Choose an unboxing style

Unboxing the packaging is quite a diverse topic and effectively makes customers’ buying experience memorable. The rigid box setup usually comes with a hinged lid to which brands can include a magnet, making it more charming for customers. Moreover, products do not accidentally come out of the box. There are several other unboxing types as well that you can use for these boxes. For example, you can use the removable lid for these boxes to make them more exciting. Moreover, crafting these boxes in the shape of shoulder packaging is also an option to make the unboxing style more engaging.

There is an abundance of unboxing options that you can use according to the nature of the products. A fascinating unboxing style for watches, mobiles, and other such accessories is the use of sleeve style unboxing. This unboxing style is worth availing of because buyers could easily slide the internal tray out and see the original products. Buyers would not even need to touch it, leaving fingerprints over it and affecting the simple aesthetics. This custom rigid box is quite effective in aiding buyers in quickly reaching a buying decision.

Embellish rigid boxes with add-ons

Consider these rigid setup boxes, which focus on the external aesthetics. It is the main source of raising the visibility of products on the shelves of retail stores. A way to do this is by embellishing these boxes with desired types of add-ons. There are some quite popular types of add-ons, like the use of ribbons to transform a simple product into a perfect gift. Such embellishments are quite effective in boosting the sales of products at events like Christmas and Halloween. Buyers would not even need to avail themselves of the gift wrapping services and could save money.

Similarly, the application of laminations and coatings also adds a luxurious touch to the surface of this packaging. Gloss or matte coatings over the rigid packaging add a shiny effect that attracts buyers in the retail stores. In addition, a brand can use the soft touch lamination over these boxes to add a velvet feel to them. Everyone holding these items would love to spend more time holding these items. Ultimately, they reach a purchase decision in a short time.

Follow this described pattern to make the rigid boxes more functional and engaging. Getting boxes with all mentioned traits would make it easier to convince customers to build loyalty to your brand. Moreover, it will become a source to increase the brand standing in the market. It will lead your retail or online business into a successful brand.

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