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How to start a business with blister cards

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Personalized blisters are useful in many different businesses. However, the pharmaceutical sector is the one that is benefiting the most from this packaging option. They have been making use of a blister card to shield the pills and medicines from UV rays, water, oxygen, and moisture. Moreover, they also shield inside products from other outside elements that could harm the medicines. Some brands can also package electronics and certain food items in this packaging. Thus, traditional blister packs have a cardboard back and are famous as face seal blisters. Hence, a plastic blister is attached to the front of the cardboard to enclose and safeguard the product. Below is further information on the various blister options.

What products may come inside blister cards?

To protect tablets, you may create the blister packaging in any shape, such as a regular shape. Similarly, you may go for a unique shape to protect a product with an inconsistent shape, such as the football figurines. They are commonly famous for packaging items such as:

  • Toys
  • Stationery
  • Electrical devices and accessories (such as USB drives, wires, and headphones) 
  • Pens
  • Drawing pins
  • Paper clips
  • Superglue
  • Products with delicate parts such as batteries; toothbrushes, and dental floss
  • DIY supplies (such as screws, nails, and nuts and bolts)
  • Tablets and capsules

Thus, the main goal of blister packaging is to safeguard the product. This packaging can safeguard a product in a way that a bag or box cannot. All kinds of tablets come inside blister packs because they keep products clean and contamination-free. Moreover, they remain safe from tampering. In other words, a crack in the packaging would make it obvious if someone had tampered with a pack of tablets (e.g., removed some of the contents).

Types of blister packs

There are various kinds of blister packs. You should know about these types and their functions. Moreover, you should know how costly they are to choose the best type of blister packaging for your products. Different types of these cards are as follows.

  • Thermoformable blister packs

Thermoformed blister packets are the most popular among other types. In the thermoformable blister method, you may heat a sheet of plastic or polymer to a temperature where it may be molded. Hence, food and medication packaging both use thermoformed blister trays.

  • Face Seal Blister

In this type of packaging, a paperboard is heat-sealed to a molded plastic sheet that has the product’s shape. In a full-face seal blister, you may completely cover the package in plastic. Hence, it may be the perfect packaging to ensure the safety of products.

  • Trapped Blister

Most brands use a single thermoformed sheet in this kind of packaging. You may trap it inside die-cut cardboard. Hence, for this, you don’t need any special sealing tools.

  • Full Card Blister

In this type of packaging, the blister encircles the paper lid on all sides. Hence, it may be a great packaging for your delicate items. 

  • Clamshell

You may use a thermoformed hinged plastic sheet in clamshell packaging. Typically, you can package heavier items using this method. Blister card packaging of this kind can be recyclable. Moreover, a two-piece clamshell doesn’t have a hinge and instead closes with two plastic sheets. Hence, a bottom stand on a tri-fold clamshell enables products to stand upright on retail shelves.

Go for an eco-friendly printing of blister card

You should invest in waterless printing to make cosmetic display boxes more sustainable and harmless for our environment. Thus, this ground-breaking technology can promote a better and safer environment. Moreover, you shouldn’t carry out the printing procedure on antiquated print presses or with hazardous ingredients. Thus, you will be able to take great pride in being a business that values excellent printing. Moreover, your deep concerns about the environment can take you to success. Your entire printing method should not use chlorine or bleach. Hence, you must understand that they are both dangerous chemicals. Thus, you should go for sustainable and biodegradable printing methods. They will keep the ecosystem safe and help improve your brand’s image in the market.

Consider recyclable blisters

Cosmetic display boxes can be more expensive and time-consuming to recycle since you must separate the various components because they often contain PET, PVC, and aluminum. While some local councils no longer recycle blister packets, others still do. You should double-check before discarding anything.

You must throw away empty tablet/pill blister packs with your regular trash because they cannot be recyclable. However, you can recycle the cardboard box in which the tablet blister packs were packaged. Therefore, if you want your business to succeed, you should use recyclable and green manufacturing materials. They will decompose and become part of the soil. Hence, they will make your brand respectable in the market.

Advantages of blister packs

The following are their important benefits.

  • Visual impact: By letting the product speak for itself, blister packaging makes it easier to attract the consumer’s attention. Thus, products that come in blister packs stand out far more than those that do so in boxes.
  • Protection: They keep the product clean and protect it from harm. Moreover, they also reveal tampering with the package (unlike a box, which someone can open and close without it showing).
  • More difficult to steal: Clam packets, for instance, are frequently designed in odd shapes, making them more difficult for shoplifters to conceal. Hence, given that stealing is a common issue, several grocery chains are interested in this at the moment.
  • Lightweight: The low weight of blister and clam packaging reduces transportation expenses.
  • Recyclable: Since the manufacturing materials for custom blister cards are kraft, bux board, and cardboard, their recycling is a straightforward process.

We have explained the uses and benefits of blister cards. We have come to know that this packaging is suitable for several products. But, the pharmaceutical industry is the major industry using this packaging. Moreover, we have seen different types of this packaging and things that you should consider before customizing them. Thus, you should consider these details and customize your cards perfectly to reach your business goals.

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