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Interactive packaging with QR codes is the smart future

Interactive packaging with QR codes is the smart future

More than 3400 million people worldwide use a smartphone. In the upcoming few years, the figure is expected to get doubled. This has given rise to a new revolution named interactive packaging. With time, more and more brands are trying to establish a connection with their customers. Interactive packaging plays a vital role in this regard. It is an interesting way to make your product more fun, memorable and useful. Interactively designed custom boxes give a clearer picture of their brand. They make customers interact with the information in a better way. The use of QR codes on wholesale product packaging has become common over the last decade. The customers can easily scan it from their smartphones. This directs them to the company’s website where they can collect more details, ask questions or give feedback. The packaging box manufacturers are working on more innovative ideas to make their products stand out the retail shelves.

Interactive packaging gives customers an authority to use technology in a better way.

Meet the next generation of QR codes:

The use of traditional QR codes on product packaging boxes has become out of fashion. The custom packaging companies have come up with an improved strategy to engage the customers more. The use of Smart Labels on cardboard packaging boxes wholesale is proving very successful across the U.S.A. It enables customers to get instant access to detailed information about the product. The labels with invisible watermarks are also becoming popular. They can be scanned with the smartphone to check product authenticity. 

QR Codes are Interactive Marketing Billboards:

Every customer might have noticed Quick Response (QR) codes. Those black and white barcode-like squares print everywhere on product boxes, food packaging, beverage labels, wholesale shipping boxes and almost everything. QR codes have been using for a wide range of applications for many years. They help you to label your packaging and assist you in expanding the marketing campaign. They increase awareness about your products and facilitate the customers to get additional knowledge. Smartphone technology has increased the use of QR codes in everyday applications. Most of the smartphones are equipped to scan the QR codes on product boxes packaging, read hyperlinks and direct the user to a specific web location where videos and other rich content can be viewed. QR codes facilitate the marketers to store and share information, including coupons, addresses, URLs, and other contact details.  They act as an interactive marketing billboard that can be incorporated into your labels or packaging design. Thus the packaging wholesalers feel free and easy to include them in their custom product boxes by occupying a little graphic area even less than an inch.

Benefits of Implementing QR codes in your Custom Product Packaging:

With the advancements in technology, the use of QR codes is becoming common. Although various other forms of interactive packaging are also being discovered, QR codes are ruling the packaging sector for years. They are becoming our smart future. Here are some of the benefits of implementing them in your packaging design:

Connect Online to Offline:

The most interesting thing about QR codes is their ability to connect the offline world to the online seamlessly. If used well in conjunction with smartphone technology, QR codes on package boxes can grasp customers’ attention. They raise their interest by engaging them in videos, ads, or tempt to make a purchase.


QR codes can be added to almost anything. In addition to custom-made boxes for products, they can be used on plastic containers, glass bottles, magazines, and even TV advertisements. Their versatile nature proves very useful for marketers. It means that you can turn anything to an interaction point, taking customers to a digital experience. Introducing QR codes on product boxes wholesale can be used to display a digital text to the customers, compose an email, write a message, make a payment, and much more. 

Trackability and Cost-Effectiveness:

Marketers can use web analytics by employing QR codes for different placements. They can track their activities in a better way. Adding a QR code does not cost you anything but the value-added benefits are immense if executed properly. 

Branding and Visual Attractiveness:

QR codes increase the branding and visual attractiveness of your color box packaging and other material. Although most of the QR codes are printed black and white, but they do not need to be always. If designed properly, they may also contain images, logo and other artwork to make your product packaging boxes more attractive. 

QR Codes: Our Smart Future!

Undoubtedly, QR codes are becoming a smart future. The packaging industry has flourished a lot by using such type of interactive technologies. Brands can create value-added benefits for customers by making minimal efforts. Let’s see, how far this QR technology takes us.

Designing custom boxes with QR codes has taken our packaging standards to the next level. Such an interactive packaging is becoming our smart future.

source of content: https://www.thecustomboxes.com/blog/interactive-packaging-with-qr-codes-is-the-smart-future/

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