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KBC company became the distributor of the Whatsapp Lottery

KBC Head Office Number

Officially launch in Whatsapp lottery a new innovative lottery product develops in accordance with the Federal Law On Lotteries.

The launch of the Whatsapp Lottery was carried out by Lotteries, a KBC company operating all KBC company lotteries, establish on the basis of a decree of the Government of the India Federation. According to this order, the Ministry of Finance of the India Federation is the organizer of all- Whatsapp lottery winner

The Whatsapp lottery winners are available to all users of the lottery.

 where you can learn about the rules of the lottery and purchase tickets. To participate in the draws, the client needs to go through a simple registration by confirming the KBC Head Office Number

“Our goal is to change India’s perception of classic lotteries by providing customers with a high-quality digital service,” General Director of Whatsapp lottery. The Whatsapp lottery is a unique product for India that should appeal to all sports fans. It is gaining popularity all over the world, also thanks to its accessibility through mobile devices.”

The amount of project financing at the current stage is estimated at 1 crore. The nearest plans include the gradual development of the product by expanding the range of popular sports, additional services for users, as well as launching classic lotteries.

India boxing  federation

One of the main initiators of the idea of ​​creating a Whatsapp lottery was the India Boxing Federation. Part of the proceeds will go to charity and the development of boxing The general distributor of the Whatsapp lottery is KBC company, a KBC company that leads the National Rating of Bookmakers. KBC  is the owner of prestigious awards in the field of sports and betting: three times the winner of the national sports award Whatsapp lottery the winner of the People’s Trust Award “Brand No. 1 in India”. And the winner of the Grand Prix “Absolutely the best KBC company” of the Prize.

According to KBC Owner, the choice of the general distributor of lotteries determines several factors: “These are, first of all, reliability, manufacturability, a high level of trust in the company from the audience. It is KBC Company that always sets trends and is a catalyst for positive transformations in the Whatsapp lottery industry. The main task now is to. Together with suppliers of innovative lottery technologies, ensure the development of the Whatsapp lottery winner to the level of world indicators.”


One of the foremost outstanding ways in which of developing your winning possibilities is to show dead set be vital for a lottery organization. a massive range of high massive stake prize champs syndicate. On the disadvantage, you ought to impart your triumphant to following partner people nonetheless some of a large amount is extensively higher compared to all or any of nothing.

There is an immense range of syndicates working from work spots and near networks. forward you search online you’ll likewise realize lottery syndicates are accessible. presumptively awing and most notable is that the Virtual World organizations WHO have people from one facet of the world to the opposite.

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