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Know About Mini Billiards TableKnow About Mini Billiards Table executives answered questions about the blockchain application platform. Monica Tartau, Head of Marketing, Max Kordek, CEO and Co-Founder of Lisk, and Ishan Tiwari, Lead Backend Developer spoke about the mission to make blockchain technology accessible to everyone. Here are some of the highlights from the AMAs, including updates on the platform launch and what’s in store for the Lisk ecosystem. 

Lisk’s Mission Is To Make Blockchain Accessible For The Next Generation Of Developers And Users

The goal of Lisk is to make blockchain technology easier to use for developers of all skill levels and backgrounds. Our vision is to become the most accessible blockchain application platform in the world. Said Max Kordek, Lisk’s CEO and Co-founder. The core idea is to have the Lisk platform where developers and enterprises. Can create their own blockchain applications which will act as a sidechain. And will be interoperable with other sidechains in the ecosystem. Lead SDK Developer, Ishan Tiwari explained during the Twitter AMA.

To do that, the team created an open-source platform written in JavaScript. And TypeScript There is a huge pool of untargeted developers yet to be onboarded into Web3. Head of Marketing Monica Tartau said during the AMA A lot of those people are JavaScript developers. The software development kit (SDK) allows people to build. Blockchain apps using JavaScript and bridges a gap making it possible. A large pool of developers to leverage this technology without having to learn a new programming language. That SDK is also broken down into a more modular architecture with libraries of elements. That make it easier to work with, even for developers who are new to the blockchain technology.

As one of the most researched projects in the space. Monica Tartau said the team is confident that leveraging JavaScript and a modular design. Will make Lisk the industry standard for JavaScript blockchain application development. Know About Mini Billiards Table

A Milestone-Based Grant Program Is Helping The Lisk Ecosystem Grow

Last year, Lisk launched a grant program to fund new apps. Being built with the Lisk SDK Selected projects receive about $60,000 to fund their development. Since then, the team has received a steady influx of applications and has funded multiple projects to date. Including Colecti, an NFT marketplace; Kalipo, a decentralized autonomous organization platform. Topas City, an immersive virtual reality world, and many more. While many of the projects are NFT-focused, Ishan Tiwari said. We are also seeing some other projects around DAOs identity management. and also projects related to Metaverse, games, immersion, virtual reality, etc.”

These projects and the other applications currently in review are exciting. Monica Tartau said, because you can see that pretty much anything can be done on Lisk. As interest in Lisk grows, the Lisk Grant Program is seeing more and more applications come in. While many are still under review, the team is introducing new projects to the community all the time. It is not the end of the grant program, as the next wave will follow.

Lisk Envisions An Eco-Friendly Future For Blockchain

One issue that comes up often when talking about blockchain is its carbon footprint. The amount of electricity used by mining operations and to power blockchain technology. Can become an environmental concern when so much electricity is still generated by fossil fuels. 

When asked about Lisk’s environmental impact Monica Tartau. Pointed out that sustainability is part of Lisk’s mission To that end. The team has designed it as a non-mineable crypto that relies. On delegated proof of stake (DPoS) as its consensus mechanism instead. It’s a more energy efficient alternative to standard proof of stake mining mechanisms.

Taking it a step further Monica Tartau also mentioned Lisk’s goal of transitioning to solar power. We also started purchasing solar plants aiming to create as much energy as our network is using said. Know About Mini Billiards Table

The Blockchain Application Platform Is Set to Launch in Coming Months

On what’s next for Lisk Ishan Tiwari saidTwo months back we tagged the Lisk SDD. Which includes the interoperability solution. He also commented We are also bringing a Proof of Authority (PoA. Module and an NFT module, which is already in the pipeline being developed or researched already. The goal is to incentivize people to build these blockchain. Apps so that more users are using the Lisk platform. Once the platform has launched we can take a look into more partnerships. Be in more news articles do more community competitions work on a better user journey and so on Max Kordek Lisk’s CEO and Co-founder explained.

After the platform is live, the team will move into the Diamon. Phase of the platform’s development roadmap. This process will involve developing Lisk bridges and creating the final version of the blockchain application platform. That will offer interoperability with other blockchain ecosystems, a major milestone toward the widespread adoption of blockchain technology. Monica Tartau mentioned that Lisk is also looking at other strategic. Partnerships in the future that will help grow its developer and user base, while also raising awareness about Lisk more broadly. 

Our community is growing, the number of users and developers is growing. The number of blockchain applications in development is growing, the project is still to today. One of the most actively developed across all products combined Max Kordek Lisk’s CEO and Co-founder noted optimistically. 

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