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Magnetic closure rigid boxes are perfect for product promotion and sending out gift items

Magnetic closure rigid boxes

Magnetic closure rigid boxes have a lid with a magnet inside. The magnet helps in closing the lid tightly. Such boxes are made with hard paperboard, making them secure for delicate things. With aesthetics and high protection, these boxes are ideal for gifting something. Not just for gifts, these boxes are helpful in promoting the product in the market with their strong appeal to the customers. Following are some of the advantages of using these hard boxes for your product’s packaging or gift-giving:

Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes Ideal for Expensive Products

Many companies and people use magnetic closure rigid boxes to show off their products and ship them. The most expensive items are put in these boxes with magnetic lids to secure close-up. They are also suitable for providing protection to the inside products with their hard walls. Additionally, using them for delicate products like diamond jewellery makes the unboxing experience fun and memorable for the users.

Most often, expensive products come in boxes with high and smooth printing, like UV printing. Hence, these magnetic boxes are ideal for all kinds of printing options. Your boxes will look high-end and modern if you use spot UV printing. It is a protective coating made of a liquid that is put on and hardened by ultraviolet lamps for premium products. This process gives the surface a hard finish with a very high gloss. So, this design stands out from expensive products because they have a glossy finish on a dull surface.

  • Attractive Design and Display

The first thing that makes these magnetic boxes so popular is the availability of pretty and charming design that draws people in. Most of these boxes also have a clear window on the top lid, which is a great feature. They make it easy for customers to see what’s inside the box, and there won’t be any mistakes. This also keeps the box packaging from getting damaged since customers can see what’s inside through the clear window. They don’t need to open them.

You can have these boxes in any design and colour scheme. Furthermore, you can change the shape of the window to match the shape of the product you’re selling. In short, marketers prefer these boxes to make eye-catching packaging to set brands and products apart from each other.

  • Strong Brand Image

Packaging is now an important part of any business’s marketing plan. Our customers prefer getting a design that will make them more likely to buy our products than any others. This type of packaging gives the luxury brand an edge over its competitors as it’s exactly what people want now. The high-end product needs high-end packaging. So, the best brands choose magnetic boxes to put their products in. Such boxes for your high-quality products send a message of trust, which is good for a brand. You. You can engrave attractive pictures to excite people. This will blow their minds and keep them loyal to your brand.

Rigid boxes with magnetic lids are a complete brand ambassador for your mid-range to luxury products. You can add your logo to it in various styles for brand identity. Custom foil-stamping, embossing, and debossing add a lot of style to any name or logo to strengthen brand image. These things are all possible with custom magnetic closure rigid boxes.

  • Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes – Exceptional for Gifts

One of the best ways to pack a book, a piece of jewellery, or a certificate to give to family or friends is in a magnetic packaging box. You can send classy, high-quality gifts to customers, friends, and loved ones far away in these boxes. You can also have elegant, custom-made foam inserts to protect fragile or easily broken items. Thermoformed trays have been used for a long time. They hold precision tools or things that need to fit together with friction so they can be taken out and put back in easily. Thus, you can get it in any colour and in clear, opaque, or any other kind of material.

For gift appearance, you can pick from a range of beautiful colours and designs on both sides. Add colour to the outside for maximum impact, or add colour to the inside for a great experience when you open the box. 

  • Multiple Customization Options

The best thing about magnetic closure boxes is that you can fold them up and create a wide range of unique shapes and styles depending on your product and target market. Custom magnetic closure boxes can have any style, die cut, window cut out, printing, or anything else you want. You can make these boxes in custom dimensions to fit the products you want to sell to your target market, depending on their properties and needs. Our high-quality magnetic closure boxes are the obvious choice when you want to create a fancy look.

Print these boxes with many different decorating and styling ideas to make them look different from each other. With magnetic closure rigid boxes wholesales, you can have a highly customized packaging solution that fits your product’s needs. They come with different ways to print. You can get custom foil stamping and custom spot UV printing without any problems.


High-end, magnetic closure rigid boxes are a great choice when you want to add more value to your products. You can use them for gifting expensive items to your loved ones. The rigid material provides ultimate mandatory protection in case of delicate things. Moreover, companies who want a premium look and an identity use these boxes. These boxes are suitable for customization by offering various finishing and printing options. Thus, they can modify their brand image from others and promote it in the competitive marketplace.

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