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Make A Statement With Mascara Boxes

Mascara boxes

Mascara is the one cosmetic product every girl carries with her everywhere. Be it a full face of makeup or a light look. Mascara never gets left out. The one beauty rule women have passed on from generation to generation is don’t leave the house without mascara. As they say, “Inner beauty is great but a little mascara never hurts!” If you’re going for a simple look, it’s lip-gloss and mascara. Do you want to class it up? Bold red lips, black eyeliner and mascara. Safe to say, mascara is the essential beauty product that any girl can own.

Mascaras have been around for a long time and will still be here for a long time. In addition to the classic black mascara, you can now find coloured mascaras – for the bold girls, water-proof mascaras – for the emotional ladies, curling mascara – for when you don’t have time for the lash curler and lots of other options to choose from.

Mascara Packaging Boxes

Good packaging boosts likability tenfold regardless of what kind of mascara it is. When it comes to cosmetic products, especially mascaras, it matters greatly what kind of box it comes in. The package should showcase what type of mascara it holds, with proper and legible labelling, expiry date mentioned, ingredients listed, and name and brand.

Having unique and different packaging, exceptionally customer-friendly, easy to handle, easy to open, recyclable, and environment-friendly are all plus points. Many printing and design options are available these days, so it’s easy to find the design solution that best suits you.

Design Pattern of These Boxes

The mascara box should reflect the product as well the customer type the product is for. If your mascara is for the younger generation, the mascara box design should be trendy with good use of colours. It also pays attention to the colours in fashion for the season. If your mascara is for the businesswoman, it should be elegant and classy. A bit of metallic presence in an overall black and white should serve well.

Considering that we now have the option of coloured mascara, the packaging can also reflect the colour of the mascara it contains. For example, the mascara box could be black, brown, blue, purple, etc., for the respective colours. This will make it convenient for the customer to keep track of their mascara collection and make their make-up bag slightly colourful.

Colour Scheme For Mascara Boxes

Another trend would be to make the mascara boxes entirely metallic for giving them a more edgy look. Complement the metallic colour with a glossy finish, making your mascara look like a must-have for any customer’s collection. Not only will the metallic make your mascara look edgier, it will also make it look more glamorous.

The mascara packaging can also be done considering the holiday season, gift packaging, and summer vs winter editions. For the holiday season and gift packaging, a glossy finish with eye-catching colour would be a big hit. Also, a minimalist design could add to the allure of the product. Summer vs winter editions of the best-selling mascara could have different coloured packaging to make it look unique.

Unique Packaging Designs Options

Since there are many design options and clip-art is also readily available online, you can use these to make your mascara box stand out from the usual suspect that women opt for like Maybelline, Rimmel, and L’Oreal, Smashbox, etc. If your mascara has a specific sought-after ingredient, feature it on the box. If your mascara is curling, lengthening, or volume-enhancing, use clip-arts to showcase that on the packaging. Water-proof mascara should have a box that boasts its staying power through sweat and tears! The package will help solidify the mascara’s image and convey to the customer what mascara best suits their needs in a pictorial and customer-friendly manner.


A mascara box should differentiate it from others. Lastly, opt for a customizable package rather than the regular rectangular box. Not only will it determine your product, but an eye-catching box also adds to the product’s appeal and turns it into a must-have!

For those looking to make a mark with your mascara in the market, choosing the proper packaging will make all the difference.

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