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Do You Know Why Most Of The People Love To Have Pillow Boxes?

pillow boxes
pillow boxes

As the name shows, these are pillow-shaped, attractive, easy to open, handy, and always look appealing. They contribute more than 23% of retail products like soaps, sweets, chocolates, and food products. As most retailers love to have pillow boxes, they are always demanded and it was an arduous task to produce such a large consumption, so these remain the point of attraction for all packaging providers. Packaging engineers now introduced new techniques and machinery that help us produce a bulk quantity of pillow boxes. Packaging is now considered the fifth P as packaging after product, price place, and promotion. I will discuss them later in this article, but first, you must clear the pillow boxes’ structure.

Just check the flat template of pillow boxes 

Please have a look at the pillow box template. This will clear you about its shape. The dotted line shows the foldable line made during the manufacturing process using a die-cut machine. This makes them easy to fold or unfold without having such noticeable points you can’t fold boxes properly. These right-left eyes are the opening handles of the box. After folding, you can open and close by using them. On another side, a portion is available for sticking after folding; you must usually adhere them from the double-sided tape. This tape must be strong enough to carry weight and remain stuck for a long time. This entire individual portion requires careful and accurate measurements. If you are engaged in retail boxes and looking for out-of-the-ordinary solutions, then customization and personalization of pillow boxes must be your foremost priority. This is a technique that not makes you able to stand in this competitive world, but also by using this inappropriate way. You can jump-start your business.

What customization and personalization are necessary for bulk production of pillow boxes?

In customization, you need to focus only on customer requirements. Requirements are like grassroots for your packaging. An array of conditions could be placed at your favoured and desired positions on the box, like putting the logo in a suitable place, printing ingredients using CMYK colours, expiry dates, especially in food and cosmetics products, and price tags of your product, etc. Customization has revolutionized in the last few years. Customers are product as well as packaging conscious nowadays. With the customization, personalization adds value to packaging. This was next to impossible to change the buying decision of the customer.

Still, now, using packaging as a marketing tool, it becomes easy for marketers to pick up even non-branded products. Most of the customers, after buying products, are unable to open them properly or are mostly confused about how to use them? Proper symbolization guidelines on boxes made this more personal for customers. So personalization can be your competitive edge in this tough competition. When we are talking about standing in the competition, we must focus on individual steps involved in the production. What materials and colours you are using?

Kraft pillow boxes

Kraft pillow boxes are made up of Kraft material that is unique in its features, usually in brown colour and available in different sizes. While producing bulk quantities, these require great care of temperature and moisture level in the air. These are strengths and are usually used for shipping purposes.

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard pillow boxes are used for bulk production of boxes. These contain any type of material like paper, recyclable mixture, and much more. Pillow boxes manufactured by cardboards have a more appealing, shining, attractive look. This must be your first choice while printing boxes for you because these are environment-friendly, recyclable, and by ISO.

Pillow gift boxes

If you want to present a gift to your friends, then there are pillow gift boxes for you. In addition, you can add ribbon, greeting cards or different paper-made flowers.

Window pillow boxes

A plastic-made small sheet is placed between the box to get a clear view of a product or just like a demo of the product. These sheets protect your products from sunlight and other contaminations.

Laminated pillow boxes

By placing laminated thin plastic sheets around the pillow boxes using special techniques, you can double the lifeline of the product and box itself. This makes them waterproof and resistant to many harmful elements.

In conclusion

The purpose of packaging is to prevent products from damaging and destroying. Whatever you are selling, you couldn’t get your goals without having proper packaging. Packaging helps in transportation and is used in every field of business.

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