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Packaging 101 – Custom Box Sleeves Explained


Custom box sleeves are becoming popular in the market due to their benefits. They are used to packing many types of products in them without any worries. Cardboard materials are used to manufacture them. This material is famous for its durability. It can protect the items packed in them suitably. Moreover, these packages support many printing options. You can also connect these graphics with your products. It will fascinate the people. Many companies use their printing features for the marketing of their businesses. They add the name and logo of their brand to do this task. You can also laminate suitable sheets on them in this matter. Glossy laminations come on the top of the list in this matter. However, you can also go for matte finishing. This lamination will make your boxes luxurious in appearance.

Getting the most appropriate packages for the products is a matter of prime concern for the suppliers. If the packaging is not suitable according to the requirements of the products, you may face many problems. Custom sleeves boxes are becoming highly popular in this matter. However, many people do not know much about these packages. They need to know everything about these packages before purchasing them. Let us explain the manufacturing process, features, and functionality of these packages to assist you in your buying decision.

Manufacturing Process For Sleeves Boxes


As sleeve boxes are manufactured with the help of cardboard, their manufacturing process begins with pulping. In this process, wood chips are used. Next, they are broken and turned into small pieces with the help of suitable machines. Next, chemicals are mixed with the chopped pieces. After this, the most chemical is removed, and you get a pulp of wood.


Once you get the pulp, you need to convert them to sheets. You need to compress them in this matter. Heated rollers are excellent in doing this task. These rollers compress the fibres of pulp and give them the shape of a sheet. These sheets are ready to go for corrugation.


Corrugation is an essential step in making the boxes. It builds the strength of the boxes. Considering this fact, you must do this step suitably. In this step, multiple sheets are attached that enhance their width. The middle layers are given a zigzag shape. It increases the durability of the packages without the waste of such material. It also builds some shock-absorbing properties in these packages. This feature makes them excellent for the packaging of delicate products.

Shape formation

After the groove of the cardboard sheets, you need to shape it as a box. You can go for many designs in this matter. However, if you want to go for packaging sleeves in the UK, you must give them a particular shape. You need to make a tray first. This tray will carry your products. After this, you need to make a cover for the tray. It will give your packages a sleeve-slider shape. This shape is famous for its unique unboxing style.

Features For Sleeves Boxes


Altering the shapes and size of the products suitably is a matter of great importance for the suppliers. They can solve many of their problems this way. Cardboard sleeve packaging is highly advantageous in this regard. They are made out of a flexible material. You can easily alter the design of these packages. You can also make them suitable according to the requirements of your products.


Nowadays, people prefer to pack their products in eco-friendly packaging. They do not want to promote pollution by using other harmful products such as; plastic. Cardboard sleeve packaging is essential for this purpose. The material of such boxes is biodegradable. It means it can quickly decompose in the natural environment. Hence, it does not leave any harmful substance in the domain that could pollute it.

Printing options

Printing the right things on the product packages has become essential for the suppliers. They can attract their buyers this way. They can also make up their mind regarding the purchase of your items. Therefore, cardboard sleeve printing is becoming popular in the market. You can go for screen printing in this matter. It provides you with high-quality results and helps you to promote your business. You can also choose digital box sleeve printing to enhance their glory. You can also choose the graphics that you want to add to these packages without any worries.

Sleeves Boxes Functionality

Pack many products

Manufacturers do not always make the same types of products. The size and dimensions of the products may vary. Therefore, they need packages of many sizes. Sleeve packaging can be highly beneficial for you in this matter. You can pack many types of products in these boxes. You can make them in different sizes. This feature makes them excellent for packaging various items without any worries.

Assist in shipping

Delivering the items safely to the customers is highly important for the sellers. They need suitable tools to do this. Sleeve boxes have great significance in this matter. These solid and durable packages protect your items from damage during shipping. They also resist the vibrations of the vehicle. It enhances the consumption life of the products packed in these boxes.

Product manufacturers and suppliers always look for efficient packages for their products. It can solve many of their problems. Custom box sleeves can be highly advantageous for them in this matter. However, you must know appropriate information about these packages to enjoy their benefits. Here, we have provided you with a practical guide that tells you everything you need to know about these packages.

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