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Personalised Stickers for the Perfect Branding 

Personalised Sticker
Personalised Sticker

Personalised Stickers in Australia are one of the most enjoyable methods to promote your brand, regardless of whether your company markets to children or adults. Create Personalised Stickers Australia that you can sell, give away to repeat customers, or use to dress up plain boxes and bags. Thanks to our colourful water-base inks and premium paper, our bespoke stickers have a polished appearance that is guarante to attract attention.

A totally unique sticker printing procedure created to your precise dimensions is available from Oxo Packaging. We let our customers choose the shape and dimension they want, unlike many other sticker printers, and we’ll make it happen. The members of our customer support team will see to it that your stickers look fantastic and are available when you need them.


You have a wide range of options for materials, printing, adhesive, and die-cutting. And finishing when using our custom sticker printing service. This makes them ideal for labels, technical badges, and booklets in addition to standard product stickers. Your unique stickers will adhere firmly to all kinds of surfaces. Including aluminium, glass, PET, and ABS, as well as flexible and uneven surfaces, thanks to powerful rubber-based adhesives. You will undoubtedly be able to locate the ideal shape and size for your custom labels, regardless of your brand, item, or need. We offer labels and stickers that are die-cut and kiss-cut in the size and shape that you require!


Has digital printing been done to create your custom labels? To create clear and vibrant designs, you have access to the entire CMYK colour spectrum. You can create your own labels using our online editor, so there’s no need to pay for one. Although these personalised stickers in Australia offer some level of protection against scuffs and the elements. Their primary function is to make your goods stand out.

When you use our custom sticker printing service, you have several options for the materials, printing, adhesive, die-cutting, and finishing. This means that in addition to regular product stickers, they are perfect for labels, technical badges, and booklets. Thanks to strong rubber-based adhesives, your one-of-a-kind stickers will stick firmly to a variety of materials, including aluminium, glass, PET, and ABS, as well as flexible and uneven surfaces. Regardless of your brand, product, or demand, you will certainly be able to find the perfect form and size for your personalised labels. We provide die-cut and kiss-cut labels and stickers in the dimensions and shapes you demand!

Sticker Coatings and Finishings

Sticker coatings and finishings are essential for the perfect endings. They give the final appearance and texture to your Sticker Labels. The selection of the finishing depends upon the use of the stickers and the environment in which they are to be place either indoor or outdoor, short-term or long-term. However, they have a few common and a few different properties that they all share. The common one includes:

Matte: Smooth, uncoated paper that is matte for a refined, long-lasting appearance. For use with minimal effect.

Semi-Gloss: For a polished appearance, a glossy sheen gives vivid full colour. Scratch and fade resistant.

Vinyl: Shiny polyester with long-lasting flexibility and resilience. Outdoor use is ideal.

Order With us

You can order logo stickers online and let us do the rest. Your order will be filled and delivere right to your home by OXO Packaging. We guarantee the best quality at the lowest price. We’ve been providing greatness for five years now and counting. Many of our clients adore us because we were one of the Personalised Custom Stickers Australia Print on Demand pioneers. We have versatile designers to assist you with the sticker design and guide you in the selection of the sticker material. We can also offer free generic samples for you to decide on the material more easily. So stop stressing yourself and leave all your stress on us and we assure you that you will only get the best of the product.

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