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A Complete Way To Resolve QuickBooks Error Code OL 222

QuickBooks Error Code OL 222

Whenever you try to import the company file and it fails- that can be due to QuickBooks Error Code OL- 222. This is a perplexing error that can happen to any Quickbooks user. Being such a feature loaded and technically forefront application, Quickbooks is known for easing up the work of small and medium-sized business owners. 

The QB Error Code OL- 222 has now become one of the common issues. And when your software is bugged with this issue, you may see the message stating “Quickbooks was not able to complete your request. Please contact your financial institution.” So, when such an error shows up, the first thing you should do is connect with your financial institution to know the cause.

What can be the cause of QuickBooks Error Code OL- 222?

There can be multiple reasons why this error is happening on your desktop. Some of the common ones are given here. 

  • There might be a scan error in the server response. Do check that.
  • When and if there is an irregular formatting in Quickbooks company file. This can also lead to Error Code OL- 222 in QB.
  • There is an unsupported character in your .QWB file that will define your OFX.

This is important to diagnose the actual reason why this error is happening to you.

Quick Solution of QuickBooks Error Code OL- 222

If you have contacted your financial institution and still are being troubled due to this error. Then it is better to use another method for eliminating this problem. 

Solution: Downloading the FIDIR.txt file on your desktop

This is one of the quickest and easiest methods of troubleshooting the QuickBooks Error Code OL- 222. But before you start the process, backup all the files first. 

  • Close the Quickbooks Desktop application and then copy the entire FIDIR.txt page.
  • Then, “create a new file” and you will have to paste all the copied text there.
  • Save the file at an easily accessible location and name it as “FIDIR.txt”.
  • Then, delete the original “FIDIR.txt” file and click on “option key.”
  • Go to the finder application and click on “Go>Library.”
  • Navigate to “ApplicationSupport /com.intuit.QuickBooks 20XX/“ and download the file to move ahead.
  • From the downloaded folder, you will have to delete the “FIDIR.txt” file and open Quickbooks.
  • After this, you will have to copy the new “FIDIR.txt” to the “Downloads and Resources” folder.
  • After this, you will have to do the same thing for the .QBW file as well.


This solution might help in fixing QB Error OL- 222 but not in all cases. There are times when you will have to take the causes into consideration and act accordingly. But if you are unable to figure out the reason causing the error. An expert can help you out with such a situation.  For getting immediate support from our technical team in fixing the QuickBooks Error Code OL-222 or any other errors related to company files, contact our technical team at +1(855)-738-0359.

You can get help from our experts by directly giving them a call on the number on our website.

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