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Scary Halloween Food Packaging Design – TheCustomBoxes

Scary Halloween Food Packaging Design - TheCustomBoxes

People love to eat food items at events by going out or ordering from home. The theme of the Halloween event is spooky and scary across the globe. At this time of the year, people love to eat food items in a frightening box that can amaze them. In this regard, designing Halloween food packaging with horrifying styles is essential. Luckily, custom packaging is customizable and has remarkable printing capabilities. It is easy to mold it and give numerous presentations according to your preferences. There are multiple ways to design these boxes for this scary event.

Some of those fantastic ideas are below that can help you efficiently.

Coffin food packaging:

With coffin-designed Halloween food packaging, you can express the darker side of our lives. It is a great idea to attract customers interested in watching deadly movies. Not just for them, it will also be attractive for kids if you print the box with playful images of cartoons. It will also be effective if you utilize paper layers to make portions inside the packaging as functional boxes. This will be a great approach if you sell items like fries, where you can add fries inside one bit and sauces in another without changing the box. Also, design the box with creepy add-ons and illustrations.

Frankenstein style food packaging:

Frankenstein has been a part of Halloween for many years now. It is a famous character in movies and is popular because of cartoon series. It looks creepy because it is a deadly monster created in a lab with green color, rough hairs, and scary teeth. Utilizing its high-resolution images on the surface of your Halloween custom food packaging will make your packaging spooky for sure. You can also earn the opening points of the box in the form of his ears. Make sure to utilize the image with high DPI value to create a living experience for the audience. The idea of this freaky monster will surely increase the value of your boxes this Halloween.

The Mummy:

Mummies are not just old characters and concepts from Egypt. They are also used as horrifying characters in several movies and cartoon series. Giving your food boxes the essence of a mummy will surely make them scarier. For this purpose, you can make the frightening face by utilizing illustrations from digital printing. You can also wrap the box from old clothing pieces to give a realistic appearance of a mummy. You can also print the box with pyramids and dust particles patterns to provide it with an old scary look. The Mummy design will surely increase the value of your food packaging no matter what food product you are selling.

Bloody Dracula:

Dracula is one of the most famous spooky characters all across the world. It has been living on top of the scary characters for ages. Utilizing the idea of this character while designing your Halloween food products packaging can be very effective for your sales. There are multiple ways you can give the essence of Dracula to your boxes. For instance, you can print a tuxedo on the box by utilizing dark colors and ribbons. You can create teeth coming out from the top lid of the box to match the packaging scheme with Dracula. You can also utilize a bloody font style to print details of your food items on the box’s surface to make it look scarier.

Baba Yaga:

Baba Yaga, also known as “terrifying Granny,” is an old spooky witch famous for haunting humans and eating them after that. The concept of this character is bizarre for Halloween. However, you can utilize it to make your food packages unique and creepy. There are many images you can find of Baba Yaga on online resources. Find the one with the theme of your packaging and print it on the surface of your boxes. Baba Yaga has the legs of a bird. Using paper sticks, you can utilize this idea to add legs below your packaging. This character is one of the spookiest ideas to turn your packaging into a horrifying beast.

Spooky Zombies:

Zombies come into existence with viruses or germs, but they are perfect characters known as scary figures. You can find them almost everywhere on Halloween. It is a great idea to design your food packages according to their appearances by taking advantage of their famous figures. You can customize your box in the shape of the zombie’s hand, or you can put direct images of zombies on the surface of packages. Another idea is to sketch the zombie image on the box and color it with paint colors to get a realistic image. This idea of utilizing zombies will surely make your food packages hot selling items this Halloween.

Witch tools:

Utilizing the idea of making your food box according to the theme of a Witch will surely hit the top of the market. A witch is one of the spookiest characters on Halloween. Although, it has many tools like a broomstick, magic wand, and hat. You can utilize its tools and design creative boxes by using the tool’s appearance. For instance, you can make a cardboard paper hat in the shape of a cone and paste it on the top of the packaging as the witch’s hat. Similarly, you can put threads and lids on the box to make the lower part of the broomstick. These ideas will surely make your food products common this Halloween.

Designing Halloween food packaging in all of the aforementioned ways will make it more relaxed and spookier. It is the event where you can do anything to look scary. The same is the case with making your boxes inspiring yet funky. Difficult designs of boxes at this event will help you target customers instantly. Food items in scary boxes will amaze the audience and get you the sale that you are looking for rapidly.

Source: https://www.thecustomboxes.com/blog/scary-halloween-food-packaging-design/

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