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How to Stop Being a High Closer


If you’re a high ticket closer, you’ve probably heard of the failure’s mindset. That’s not the mindset of the best high ticket closers. Instead of living and breathing failure, the best high ticket closers live and breathe the art of closing. If you want to be a top salesperson, you need to learn to close like a champion.

Change your sales approach

If you want to be a high ticket closer, you have to master the art of selling. People with little or no sales experience are at a distinct disadvantage when compared to seasoned independent sales representatives. The lack of sales skills has been the Achilles’ heel of hundreds of High Ticket Closers. 99.99% of High Ticket Closers fail at their sales jobs because they lack the skills necessary to close a sale.

In order to close a sale, a high ticket closer must show up with 100% of their effort every time. A successful athlete trains as intensely as they play the big game, and a high ticket closer must apply that same discipline and commitment to every sale. This isn’t something that can be learned overnight, but it’s a habit worth cultivating.

Taking the time to listen and learn about your client’s needs is essential to high ticket closing. High ticket closers don’t use cheap sales tactics, but they focus on building strong relationships with their clients and providing them with information and assistance.

Build rapport

One of the best ways to close a sale is to build rapport with your prospects. Buyers want to know that you’re listening to them, which increases the chance of a conversation. Also, remember to read non-verbal cues, such as tone of voice and body language, to learn whether your prospect has any implicit expectations. These can give you clues as to how to approach your prospect.

It is difficult to build rapport at first. It requires a little effort on your part, but it will be worth it in the long run. Customers who enjoy working with you are more likely to become loyal customers and promote your company by word of mouth. And those loyal customers lead to more revenue.

To build rapport with your prospects, you need to know their needs. The best salespeople know how to tailor their selling style to each prospect. While a call script is helpful, you should be flexible enough to deviate from it whenever you need to. A great way to do this is by mirroring the way your prospects communicate with you. For instance, if they’re chatting with a friend, try to mimic the energy and enthusiasm of that person. Another good way to establish rapport with prospects is by identifying common interests and experiences.

Ask questions

A high ticket closer has a relentless appetite for success. They think of their job as an art form, and they push themselves out of their comfort zones to improve and reach new levels. Even if it doesn’t make sense financially, this is how they feel about themselves and their work. This is a major part of what makes them such an excellent salesperson.

High ticket closers need your undivided attention to create the emotional connection that moves them to take action. Their goal isn’t about money, but something bigger than themselves. They need your undivided attention to create a memorable experience for the customer. This means focusing on the customer’s needs rather than on your product or service.

A high ticket closer must also be well organized. This means doing research and developing a pre-sales routine. Salespeople who know what they’re doing before they begin their conversations have developed habits that lead to success.

Dig deeper

If you’re a high ticket closer, you’re likely resourceful and have the drive to earn big money. Unless you’ve been a teacher or a coach, you probably know that you can’t just “wing it.” Instead, you need to dig deeper and implement systems that will hold you accountable for achieving your goals. This includes asking yourself intelligent questions and gaining knowledge on how to master certain skills. In addition, it is important to have a mentor or family support system to guide you.

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