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This Happens to Your Body When You Don’t sleep Whole Night

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Good sleep is essential for health. If you have ever spent a sleepless night, tossing and turning, you might feel what happens to you the next day. You feel lazy, tired and dizzy. Doctors recommend taking 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night to freshen your mind and body. However, there are several other ways to make you active. Exercise is one of them. Consuming healthy drinks is another good option. A large percentage of people worldwide love taking tea. It acts as a refreshing drink to keep you energetic all day long. The product is enclosed in attractive tea boxes to retain its quality for a long. Tea packaging wholesale keeps the contents safe from moisture, humidity, sunlight, and changes in temperature. The tea boxes not only retain the quality of the product but makes them visually appealing. Tea offers several benefits but healthy sleep is equally important. Science has linked several health problems related to poor sleep. Below are some of the effects when you don’t sleep a whole night:

  • Affects Central Nervous System:

Your nervous system is the main information highway of your body. Sleep is necessary for its proper functioning. Even if you are unable to sleep for a single night, it puts a bad effect on the cognitive process of your brain. During a healthy sleep, the pathways formed in between the nerve cells help you to remember the things you have learned. Sleep deprivation may exhaust your brain, hindering it to perform its duties properly. It also affects your ability to concentrate or learn new things. Continuous disturbed sleep may lead a person to anxiety and depression. Moreover, other brain functions like memory, reasoning, decision making and problem-solving also get affected.

  • Destroys your Immunity:

Exercise and sleep are two vital things to build up your immunity and health. When a person is sleeping, his immunity system produces cytokines. They are protective substances to fight against infections. They also defend the body against viruses and bacteria attacks. Cytokines give more energy to your immune system and defend your body against sickness. If a person is unable to sleep for a night, it causes the immune system to build up its forces. This makes you recover late from illness.

  • Heart and Blood Sugar Level Suffers:

Good sleep ensures good heart health whereas its deprivation may lead to cardiovascular disorders. It may affect your blood sugar, inflammation levels, and blood pressure. People who do not sleep much may suffer from cardiovascular disease leading to insomnia and heart attack. Various researchers have concluded that the risk of a stroke generally increases with less sleep. Moreover, it may also cause your body to release a higher level of insulin after eating. Insulin controls the sugar level in the blood. An increase in its supply may increase the chance of type 2 Diabetes.

  • Lead to Obesity and Digestive Disorders:

In addition to overeating and lack of exercise, sleep deprivation is another critical factor to become overweight. Sleep affects the two hormone levels, leptin, and ghrelin, which determine hunger and fullness.  Lack of sleep at night reduces the level of leptin and increases ghrelin. A disturbance in their level may lead to nighttime snacking and overeating. Lack of sleep also makes you lazy to take exercise. Over time, your physical activities get reduced which may result in weight gain.

  • Skin Starts Suffering:

In addition to these health risks, not sleeping the whole night can affect your looks. A study was made in which people between the ages of 30 and 50 were evaluated based on their sleeping habits. The conclusion was made that people with poor sleep had more wrinkles, fine lines, marked looseness, and uneven skin color.

The relation between Tea and Sleep:

The relationship between tea and sleep existed for years. A large percentage of people across the world suffer from sleeping disorders. The ratio goes on the increase with time. A major reason for it is stress and the inability to relax. Herbal teas are famous beverage choices when it comes to relaxing your mind. They have been used for centuries as natural sleep remedies. Modern research has also supported this argument. Different people have different choices when it comes to taste. The tea packaging boxes list different flavors in which the product is prepared. Chamomile tea, valerian root tea, lavender and lemon balm tea, and magnolia bark are some of the famous herbal teas served worldwide. These healthy drinks are rich in antioxidants which reduce inflammation and anxiety. They are best for people who are unable to sleep the whole night. The tea packaging companies work on minute details of healthy boxes to provide the best quality product to the consumer. They relax your mind and prove an effective remedy for sleep deprivation.

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