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5 Tips for finding a good tutor in Lahore: 


Choosing a good Home tutor Lahore for your child is never easy. Or he seems to you very qualified, but expensive.

Or he takes a little money, but you are embarrassed that he is still a student and is studying on his own – there can be a lot of various doubts. 

1. Clearly state the purpose of the classes

To find a good tutor, you need to clearly understand what you want to achieve. “To improve knowledge” is a bad goal, because this is the job of any tutor. “Moving your school grade from a C to a B” is also not a good goal, especially in grades 9-11, because it does not carry much practical value. School grades are just one way to test knowledge. They can be an intermediate result, but not a goal. “Prepare for the OGE / USE” is also not suitable – it is not clear what result is needed and what is the current level. How should goals be set?

Let’s say you would like to enter a budget at a certain university with a certain faculty this academic year. We would like not based on current points, but in an ideal situation, if you could choose any place and go there. For example, for this, each exam must be written with an average of 85 points. Now the test exam in mathematics, the child writes about 70 points. This means that the ultimate goal is to enter a certain university on a budget, and the goal of the classes is to prepare for the Unified State Examination in mathematics by 85 points and higher from the current 70 points for the period from January to May of this year. Accordingly, you need to look for a tutor who is best suited for this particular purpose, and not just a “good math teacher”.

2. Spend time on pre-analysis

Of course, you can drive “tutor for …” into the search engine, follow the first link and leave an application there. They will even contact you promptly and select a teacher. But in this case, you will not be able to understand how good a tutor is, whether he has adequate conditions, and so on. 

-Talk to parents you know who have hired a tutor and ask your child to ask friends and classmates. Perhaps you will be advised by someone who has already proven themselves well.

-Research at least 5-10 different websites that offer tutoring services. Look at the questionnaires, and read the principles of the selection of teachers.

-Look for information on forums, blogs, and social networks. Read how other people looked for tutors, how they interacted with them, and what was the result.

An application for the selection of a tutor should be left only after you have done all these steps. This way you will be well prepared for communication with teachers, and the chances of finding the one you need will increase significantly.

3. Read reviews, but don’t trust them completely.

A good teacher, especially if he has been teaching for a long time, should have good reviews. But at the same time, good reviews do not guarantee that the teacher is suitable for your particular case. 

There may also be other qualifications for teachers. Some companies, including ours, pre-select all tutors or claim to do so. In this case, when communicating with an employee of the company, ask them to tell you in detail about the selection method – if they can’t give you a clear answer, then it’s just an advertising slogan.


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