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Unique And Eco-Friendly Cardboard Boxes

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In this packaging world, cardboard boxes are one of the most renowned and frequently used types of packaging. The boxes serve as an outer layer that protects the items packed inside. It would not be wrong to say that these custom packaging boxes have become the preferred choice of all entrepreneurs. They are extensively used in small and large-scale industries worldwide. Cardboard boxes complete the outlook of your products. They play a dynamic role in attracting customers by providing an enticing display. Moreover, the attractive features of these unique and eco-friendly custom cardboard boxes help in making a judgment about their quality. They have acquired a special place in every sector. The packaging of any product seems incomplete without them. In addition to product packaging, cardboard is also effectively used as shipping boxes, mailers, subscriptions, gift boxes, etc. Such valuable characteristics have taken the demand for cardboard packaging a step further.

Eco-Friendly Packaging:

Cardboard is a 100% sustainable and eco-friendly material. With the increase in awareness of people, the use of recyclable materials influences people’s buying habits and consumer choices. Using eco-friendly packaging is not only a beneficial way to sell the products, but it also broadcasts the company’s values and practices. Eco-friendly boxes are made from non-toxic recyclable materials. According to the research, more than 70% of the custom boxes are made from recycled cardboard and paper products. It proves highly beneficial in terms of cost and natural resources. Recycling 1 ton of cardboard saves 5000 kW of energy, up to 475 gallons of oil, and a huge amount of landfill space. Your company can help to reduce 1 ton of carbon dioxide emissions by recycling each ton of cardboard. The clearest benefit of sustainable packaging lies in its relation to protecting our environment. It saves natural resources and reduces the negative impact that businesses can have on the environment. The use of green packaging also portrays to the customers that your organization is highly concerned about the environment.

Ultimate Protection:

Cardboard is one of the most versatile and durable materials. Due to its sturdiness, it has become the preferred choice of various brands and industries. Its high-tech construction ensures maximum protection for the items irrespective of their weight. Corrugated boxes are the modified form of cardboard packaging. They are made by fluting one layer of cardboard in between two straight layers. Such a structure is strong enough to protect the heavy items during the transition, shipping, and handling. You can also increase the strength and thickness of corrugated boxes by making them double or triple-walled. Cardboard can withstand pressure, external jerks, or any accidental damage. It also acts as a moisture repellent. It is the reason that custom cardboard boxes have made their way into the food and beverage industry as well.

Unlimited Customization Possibilities:

Cardboard boxes provide different friendly features for their users. Among various types of materials, cardboard supports various printing options. You can easily imprint various patterns, images, logos, and warnings on it. Customers can choose from a number of color schemes to provide an enchanting display for the customers. Moreover, the custom packaging boxes made of cardboard can be easily customized in a number of shapes and sizes depending upon the customer’s requirements. Customers have numerous designs to choose the best type of packaging for their goods, like product boxes, mailer boxes, pillow or gable boxes, sleeve packaging, archive, and gift boxes, etc. Unlimited printing options allow you to design packaging beyond your creativity and imagination. The fascinating artwork and attractive patterns add more grace to your packaging. Most printing companies use CMYK and PMS color pallets. You can also print the company’s information and other related details of the product on the custom boxes. This facilitates the customers in getting aware of various aspects of the products prior to purchase. Special lamination and finishing effects are applied at the end to add more value to your cardboard boxes.

Cost-effective Packaging Solution

As we all know, cardboard boxes are the most affordable packaging solution. As compared to other types of materials like metal, plastic, wood, or glass, cardboard is highly affordable. It has replaced other forms of packaging in no time. By purchasing the raw material in bulk, you can save further on costs. Cardboard is easy to fabricate and mold. It does not require extensive labor and effort to convert it to the required type of packaging. By designing perfect-sized cardboard boxes for your product packaging, you can eliminate the use of excess cardboard needed to create a larger-sized box. It also reduces the amount of filler packaging. Thus, customers and manufacturers no longer have to pay for the empty space as the dimensional weight shipping charges are reduced. Moreover, its eco-friendly nature adds to its advantages. By recycling cardboard, you can save a huge amount of natural and financial resources. Cardboard boxes do not lose their strength over time. You can easily stack the cardboard sheets and reuse them for further use.

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