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Verity of Styles in Product Packaging

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The packaging is the main thing with which a customer interacts. It has the ability to draw the attention of a large group of people. Custom boxes play an important role to make it stand out.  They add stylization to your product packaging, making it highly appealing to the customers. The use of attractive graphics and styles shows the professionalism of your brand. It reflects that the brand has worked on minute details to deliver well-designed custom boxes to the customers.

Below are some of the interesting ways to use stylization in your product packaging:

• Design the Boxes Internally:

Nothing is more valuable than using every inch of your packaging space. Designing the custom printed boxes internally, make them feel more upscale. It also provides a great display as the customer opens the box. You may use different stylizations like a floral pattern or a random print. Use a color internally or repeat the brand’s logo to make it memorable for the customers. All these efforts are perfect to add value to your product packaging. 

internally printed boxes

• Simplicity goes a Long Way:

Sometimes a simple packaging design works the most. Designing custom boxes wholesale in a natural tone using recycled material is an interesting idea to attract customers. For adding stylization you can use different graphics in a simple way. In this case, a feather is designed with a bright-colored label to add a fresh touch to your package. Packaging printing plays an important role in creating the images up to mark. 

simple and stylish custom boxes

• Be Playful with the Shape:

Stylization is not just limited to the way you print your package. It’s true that box printing plays an important role in adding attractiveness to your package, but there are other options to consider. Never limit yourself to the basic idea. Be playful with the shape of the box. It’s a common practice that soaps come in traditional Kraft packaging. Designing a soapbox that can easily open and close from the ends is a great way to add style to your packaging. The folding actions make it attractive and interesting to use. The packaging is worth saving and can be used for decorative purposes afterward. 

boxes of different shapes

• Add Style with Colors:

The use of color is a proven tactic to make your packaging appealing to the customers. Creating it in a wide assortment of colors adds a unique style to your product packaging by TheCustomBoxes. It provides a wonderful user experience. It is also an effective way to differentiate between different categories/flavors of the same product. Box printing in bright colors stands out on the retail shelves. They grasp the attention of every passing customer and stimulate purchase behavior. 

custom printed boxes

• Go for Realistic Illustrations:

The use of realistic illustrations is a great way to stylize your packaging. It complements your brand and makes it different from others. A realistic illustration can drag the customer’s interest for a long.  The following custom boxes are designed for different shapes of pasta. Your creativity lies in the way you design the illustration. The boxes contain the image of a lady with a custom cut-out on her hair. Different shapes of pasta are used to show curled, straight or wavy hair. Such an interesting use of illustrations is perfect to make your product packaging stand out. 

creative packaging boxes

• Incorporate Beauty:

Beautiful things attract everyone. Creating a perfect combination of beauty with stylization can increase the attractiveness of your custom printed boxes. No one has thought of such beautiful tea packaging before. The tea bags are designed in the shape of a bird. This takes you in a new direction as the bird beautifully floats over your cup. The same style is printed on custom boxes wholesale to make them more attractive to the consumers. 

printed tea boxes

• Use Your Product in a Stylish way:

Making your product a part of the package takes its stylization to the next level. It gives a new look that customers have never seen before. Designing shoe boxes in the shape of the bird is itself an interesting idea. Moreover using shoelaces as a part of the package adds style to it. The laces can be strung through the holes giving an illustration of a worm coming out of a bird’s mouth. 

custom shoe boxes

• Make Use of Nude Palettes:

The thing which is trendy gives the most stylish look. The use of nude palettes to design the packaging is becoming common these days. Nude is not a single color. Rather it’s a combination of peach, ochre, rosy and chocolaty undertones. It encompasses all the other color palettes by giving a wider appeal. It is the reason nude shades have become a preferred choice of entrepreneurs when it comes to packaging printing. The trend is about being playful and creative with the colors. Nude palettes are often used with plain white labels to make them stand out. 

nude palettes custom boxes

Custom boxes play an important role in adding stylization to your product’s packaging. They add more professionalism, making them stand out from the crowd. Creating a perfect combination of beauty with stylization can increase the attractiveness of your custom printed boxes.

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