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What Are the Best Digital Advertising Platforms to Use?


The best digital advertising platforms to use depend on your business and the products and services you offer. Some are free, while others require a small investment and can even make you money! Snapchat is an example of this. There are also pay per install networks where content is only unlocked once a user takes an action. For example, a user might need to download an app to see protected content, and when this action occurs, the advertiser will be charged.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a great way to build brand awareness and increase conversions. With over 2.7 billion active users, this social media platform offers a great opportunity to target those people who are most likely to convert. There are also numerous ways to customize your ad. You can use photos, videos, text, or multi-media elements to target specific users.

Facebook Ads provide very precise targeting options. Businesses can define core audiences, create campaigns based on these groups, and then tailor their ads to target those people. They can even target users who have interacted with their brand pages. To build custom audiences, Facebook uses data from “Audience Insights” – a data feature that analyzes interactions between Facebook users and brands. Once you have built your custom audience in Audience Insights, you can move it to the Facebook Ads Manager.

Google Ads

If you’re a business owner looking to expand your reach with digital advertising, Google Ads may be the perfect fit for your business. Not only will your ads appear at the right time and place on relevant websites, but you’ll also have more control over your budget. You can change your ads as needed and see which ones work best. You can also choose to target people based on certain behaviors and interests.

Google Ads reach over 90 percent of the world’s internet users, and they offer advanced AI-powered features like dynamic ads and automated bidding. In addition, Google offers more ad formats than any other digital advertising platform. For instance, you can create image-only ads or use the sidebar or banner ad format.

YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are highly targeted and can show relevant content to audiences who watch specific videos. They can also be shown before the video in the form of a TrueView ad, a 6-second ad, or a Bumper ad. YouTube offers many options for targeting audiences, including keyword targeting, affinity audiences, and in-market audiences. Additionally, you can target users based on their browsing history and life events.

YouTube offers multiple ad formats and targeting options, and it also allows advertisers to customize and pause their ad campaigns whenever they want. Additionally, because it understands that businesses are always changing, YouTube is set up to be extremely user-friendly.

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TikTok Ads

TikTok Ads are video advertising with interactive elements that allow your audience to interact with your ad. You can add a caption to the video that provides background information about your brand and then a CTA link leading to your product page. These ads do not feel intrusive and blend seamlessly into your audience’s feed. You can make changes to your ad as needed.

TikTok is a social video platform popular among young people, with over 43% of users being aged between 18 and 24. As a result, advertisers can target these audiences using demographic, language, and gender targeting. This helps you reach women who may not otherwise buy your product or service. TikTok has been expanding its audience and implementing new features and functions, including a Business Center.

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