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What number of points should be in Kundali for marriage?


Weddings according to Hindu custom is only recommended when the horoscopes of the bride and the groom to ensure they can have a happy. The Vedic Astrology advises Kundali match to be very crucial to this end. Kundali is divided into 8 categories, known by the name Kostas, or Koots. They also have 36 Ganas or Guns which must be coordinated to the bride and groom. The system of horoscope matches according to Vedic astrology is called Ashta Koota Milan.

Kundli match and happy wedding

The most significant aspect of Kundli matching is the place of the moon in the groom’s and bride’s Horoscopes. According to the Ashta Koota Milan system, the 36 elements that are listed as part of the program are compared with the horoscopes of both the bride and groom. The greater the number of items that are compatible, the better the life of the groom and bride. The most successful match can be seen when all 36 Gunas of the groom and bride match.

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Kundli matches predictions for weddings

If only 18 aspects are in harmony in the relationship between bride and groom, the wedding will not be successful, and the pairing of such people is not recommended as per Vedic theology of astrology. If 18-24 aspects are compatible, the marriage could be approved. The results of compatibility are expected to be less than average. Combining 25 to 32 factors is considered to be a great match, with the chances of a happy union. If 33 and greater aspects are compatible, then the combination is considered to be the most successful in the world and could create a perfect marriage for the couple who are bringing their lives together. The Aspects Ashta Koota Milan

Eight categories are set in Vedic Astrology under the Ashta Koota Milan system of the horoscope match. For each category, specific guidelines are laid out in order to align the horoscopes for the bride and groom. Scores are recorded for the compatibility of each aspect. Final scores can be derived by combining the scores recorded across all categories. Below are the various categories of horoscope matches for weddings.

Varna or Jati

Based on the daily horoscopes, the personality aspect of each person is classified as 4 Varnas or Jatis such as brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishy, and Shudra. To score high compatibility the groom’s Varna should be at least one point more than the bride’s. If this isn’t noted and it is believed that the Varna of the bride and groom is considered to be not compatible.


Vashya is a reference on the equation of force that exists between the bride and groom. The five classifications of human beings that are according to Vashya categorize them as humans, wild animals (Vanchar) as well as smaller animals (chatushpad) as well as waterborne animals (Jalchar) along with insects (Keet). The score for compatibility is two for when both the groom and bridegroom are from the same Vasya and zero if they belong to a different vaishya 1/2 point for a combination of water and man as well as 1 for the other.


This is known as birth compatibility between stars. It is said that there are 27 stars in the birth chart. The bride’s star is compared to that of the groom, and the resultant number is then divided by nine. Similarly to this, a score is calculated on the groom. If the reminders of both the bride’s and groom’s scores are equal the score for compatibility is 3 zero for odd scores and 1.5 points when one is not in the right place.


Sexual compatibility is the term used to describe it. The yoni Koot is comprised of 14 categories, comprising Horse elephant, sheep, Snake, Dog, Cat, Rat, Cow, Buffalo, Tiger, Hare/Deer Monkey, Lion, and Mongoose. If the groom and bride are part of the same animal the score is four points. enemies get no points, while friendly animals earn 3 points, and 2 points for animals that are neutral, and non-friendly animals earn 1 point.


This piece is in line with the compatibility of Rashi. The Lords of the zodiac houses are neutral or adversaries. Five points are awarded for friendly zodiacs, four points for one friend, one neutral point, and zero points if they’re enemies.


This is in line with the personality. Three Ganas comprise Deva (gods), Manav (humans), and rakshasas (demons). Eight points are awarded when the groom and bride are part of the same gana. 1 point each for deva or Rakshasa as well as zero points to Manav as well as Rakshasa.


This is a category that is connected to love and is calculated according to the position of the moon in the groom and bride’s Horoscopes. If the moon’s position for the groom is at 2, 3, 4 6, or 6 positions from the position of the bride and the match is not good Positions 7 and 12 are a sign of an excellent match. The position of the bride’s moon relative to the grooms is 12 places from the groom’s moon so the match is not a good one. Positions 2,3 4, 5, 6 7 are considered good.


The koot’s significance is linked to the health, and genetics that the groom and bride. The three nadis include Vata (air), Pitta (bile), and Kappa (phlegm). If the groom’s and bride’s Nadis are identical and there are no points awarded. If they’re different 8 points are awarded.

Important aspects to consider concerning ashta Koot match

Although the system of ashta match is widely accepted across the Vedic match of horoscopes and astrology There are regional variations in the way that scores are calculated in both traditional North Indian and South Indian practices. Different astrologers could take different parameters into consideration and thus the scores may differ between different Astrologers. Other types of matching that are used by different astrologers, in addition to ash Koota matching are Mahendra Koota, Deergha Coota, Veda Koota, and Raju Koota.

What is the reason? Kundali matches are essential to weddings

The system of Kundali Matching is based upon long-standing practices and traditions and is a gift from Vedic Astrology to humans. In reality, Kundli matching is science and is not a belief system. A careful analysis shows that the results that have been uncovered by this Ashta Koota match have proven very effective in helping to prepare for happy marriages, and getting inputs from Kundali matching is a certain method to ensure a successful marriage.

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