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Why Do Custom Display Trays Work Well With Almost Every Packaging?

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The commercial packaging market is fairly big. There are numerous strategies to raise your product’s worth. Your packaging strategy is, however, greatly influenced by the nature of your firm. 

Today, we will talk about the common packing style known as custom display trays and whether or not it might be useful for your company.

Continue reading to find out if choosing the tray boxes will be profitable for you or if it will have unfavorable effects. To clear up this misunderstanding, we will ask you a few questions. 

Let us quickly recap this packaging design before getting to our major topic.

What Are Display Auto Bottom Boxes?

Due to their pre-glued bottoms, the Custom Auto Bottom Tray Boxes wholesale provide the utmost in convenience. These boxes can be made ready for usage without the use of manpower. 

As you open the Auto bottom boxes with display the bottom closure locks securely. With this style of closure, glue is not necessary to completely secure the box.

On your packaging budget, you can simultaneously cut back on labor and adhesive expenses. When put on a shelf, this kind of tray box looks nice. It sits on it swiftly while also saving a lot of room. You will not experience storage problems ever again.

Is There an Improved Replacement for Custom Tray Boxes?

You must take into account the alternatives to this packaging design. It is time to replace the notion of auto bottom tray boxes with a superior one if you believe it can better suit your goods. 

Below, we have also included some substitutes for the packaging used for customized auto bottom trays. Depending on the kind of goods you sell, these alternatives might be effective. The tuck-top tray boxes, for instance, are ideal for bakery goods.

What kind of products are you selling, exactly?

While deciding on custom display trays as your brand’s packaging style, it is important to consider the kinds of products you sell.

 This kind of packaging is perfect if you are selling bulky things that require extra attention when handling.

 The tray boxes can support big weights since they are strong. They can be used to package metal-based goods, cosmetics, perfumes, and other items.

What method do you use to check the boxes?

The wholesale custom auto bottom tray boxes will be the ideal option if your warehouse has an automated packaging system. They will quickly become system-compatible. 

Contrary to other options, this still requires some manual work even when an automated setup is present. These tray Boxes work just as well for manual packaging, too. Making them ready to fill the merchandise is not difficult. 

It conveniently pops open without requiring the bottom to be folded. Even filling out these boxes does not call for any unusual effort and is far quicker than other options.

Personalized auto bottom tray packaging drawbacks

Personalized Auto Bottom Tray Packaging also has certain shortcomings, despite the fact that they appear like the ideal packing option. Let us take a quick look at the two main drawbacks of utilizing bespoke display trays in a retail setting.

These boxes take longer to produce because their bottoms are ready for adhesive. Given the significant costs associated with the usage of special adhesive; it might not be the most economical choice.

In order to help you properly sort out this uncertainty, we have additionally expressed a few questions. Custom display trays boxes have the power to radically alter the course of your company if used properly. That is about the custom display trays, we hope this article has been a good source of information for you. 

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