Home Packaging Win Your Clients & Influence Markets with E-Cigarette Boxes 6 Tips

Win Your Clients & Influence Markets with E-Cigarette Boxes 6 Tips

E-Cigarette Boxes

The smoking of e-cigarettes is prevalent all across the globe. Some people smoke solely to comply with today’s fashion world, while others are addicted to it. You may have devised a high-end vape to pull off the customers’ attention alone. But the design of e-cigarette boxes still carries the utmost significance since it is the first-ever impression. If you are thinking of ignoring it, you are setting yourself up for a big failure in the retail market. There is a dire need to perfectly design these boxes to jam the eyes of onlookers on your special smoking products.  

E-Cigarette Boxes: Try The New Metallic Look:

As a seller of vapes, it is vital to comprehend that the targeted client base would expect something exceptional and alluring. These products are consumed using a vaporizer and have an important place in today’s fashion life. Thinking of going ordinary or staying simple with the design or e-cigarette packaging just to save a few pennies? That is not even an option because smokers don’t like to put the vapes into their pockets. Rather, they prefer to show the vapes to boast appreciation from their friends. 

This packaging is designed into a novel metallic look using foil stamping. In this particular method, foils are placed directly onto the box’s texture with the help of heat and pressure. While there can be many colors for the foils like gold, silver, etc., make sure to stick with the metallic foils. They impart an innovative look and not just that but also create some luxurious vibes to redeem the price of your premium products.  

Special Window Encasement:

While exploring the retail aisles, visitors’ curiosity to preview the packaged products can never end. In the case of vapes, they are even more curious to know the quality of these products. Unfortunately, the closed box designs stop them from making wiser decisions. 

Generate a sense of satisfaction among the audience by modifying the custom e-cigarette boxes with die-cuts. Use high-end technologies for this purpose and introduce one or two cutout patterns on the front side of the packages. As the main purpose of the cutouts is to provide a product preview, why not do it with style? Replace the cut parts with see-through laminates by using certain adhesives. Ensure that the bonding process is done from the inside as there could be scratches if you do it from the outside. This special design up-gradation brings far better results in making your vapes a target for the customers’ eyeballs. 

E-Cigarette Boxes Tuck The Ends:

A commonality between ordinary and electronic cigarettes is that both are consumed after some time. The customers are always on the hunt for vape packages that make product access an easy process for them. Bearing that in mind, tuck both the ends of your custom e-cigarette boxes. The tucked ends give a functional opening to the packages, making it pretty easy for people to take out vapes hassle-free. These ends are also firmly closed, which helps prevent the entry of any outside elements. The light, moisture, dust, and microorganisms cannot find a way inside this airtight design. This makes your vapes completely fit to consume, which results in their ultimate promotion among smokers. 

Get informative E-Cigarette Boxes:

The vapes are, no doubt, stylish products, but they have a few damaging impacts on the consumers’ health. Considering that, it is your responsibility to relay the facts about the ingredients used in making e-cigarettes. Also, FDA requires you to write off all the descriptions regarding the vapes to enable the audience to make informed decisions. Print out all the ingredients used in making vapes like water, nicotine, flavors, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, etc. Also, do not forget to mention the concentration or percentage of each ingredient used. 

Specific storage conditions and warnings also need to be printed out on the packages boldly and precisely. Make sure everything you print is legible and easy to comprehend for the readers. Communication of these essential details remarks your brand’s trust in the target market because the audience perceives that you have nothing to hide. 

Devise A Seamless Unboxing:

Ignoring the opening phase of your e-cigarette packaging is not a wise option. This is an ideal opportunity to engage the customers with your business in the long run. If you are truly interested in winning the clients by developing their interest, nothing can be a better option than seamless unboxing. Adding a sleeve into the overall box design can pay off to achieve ultimate success here. Doing so provides a smooth and functional box opening and elevates the onlookers’ experiences. Another fine approach could be the addition of custom inserts that are personalized with some professional messages. Make sure you are spot on with inserts printing to create everlasting positive impressions. 

Decorate The Exterior With Finishes:

The apparent look of the packaging is a true reflection of the product quality. No matter how exquisite and practical your items are if the box’s exterior is dull, you can’t win sales. Innovate your products’ first impression by applying special coats and laminates to the box. Spot UV lamination is perfect for providing an instant sheen and dazzling the eyes of onlookers. Matte lamination does not produce an instant shine in the light but elevates the product impression finely. Other than elevating the visual prominence on the retail shelves, they protect the box from scratches and other damages. 

Cardboard boxes are not solely meant for quick storage and fine protection of the vapes. Many potentials can be tapped, but you need to be strategic with the design approach. Spot-on visual elements like crisp graphics and impressive embellishments can be used to make these packages look exquisite. The irresistible appeal compels the target audience to take instant notice, which translates into brand loyalty and repetitive sales. 

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