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Your Packaging Can Improve Customer’s Experience

packaging can improve customers experience

Packaging is the first thing that the customer experiences before getting engaged with your product. In an era where unboxing videos get millions of views, it’s important to be concerned about the presentation of your packages. The researchers of Sealed Air have found out that branded packaging has increased the customers’ positive response by 64%. No one appreciates packaging that is like a test of solving a hard puzzle. A box with a tear strip located on the point from where it is supposed to be ripped open enables consumers to happily avoid all the hassle that is related to opening a packaging that enwraps a product that can get damaged if not opened properly.There are different styles and variations of customized packaging in the market. Try to make your customer feel good by going an extra mile and giving a special touch to every package you apply to your product. Adding your logo appealingly on your packaging makes your brand recognized. And if you add a small motivation or an inspirational quote on the top of your package, it can make your customer feel worthy and valued.

Including a self-designed message is a cheap, easy, and yet a genuine-looking gesture for your consumers. Imagine the level of happiness of a person who is having a rough day when he finds a handwritten note inside your product packaging that wishes him well, or in any other way, boosts up his moral for the upcoming events of his time. Asking for customer reviews through personalized messages placed within your packaging is not just another way of gathering acknowledgment over the social media but also actual engaging people on discussion boards who advocate your brand and consequently bring in potential customers.

Even if your budget does not allow you to go that extra mile of actually having all your messages and concerns printed on your actual boxes, you can still decorate your tables with personalized stickers pasted on your packaging and thus, making it your own. A packaging tape that has your company logo printed all across is a walking emblem of your brand as it can provide your brand exposure to every person along the shipping route to your customer. Effective company branding is equivalent to using your logo design in as many ways as possible. Another way to achieve this milestone is to add your company logo to your shipping labels. Each time a person locates it, you get another opportunity of gathering a potential client. Wrapping your product in decorative paper is a growing trend. This gesture may make your customers feel special in countless ways and in turn, boost your customer’s happiness, loyalty and their ultimate experience of doing business with your brand.

An additional product placed for free inside your packaging box not only excites a customer in terms of experience but also provides free publicity for your, otherwise, less recognized or consumed products. The packaging industry is a field of unlimited possibilities; it depends on you how you decide to score your goal.

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